William Alexander Hesskew
Moses Heskew

Early Settlers of the
Republic of Texas

The Heskew boys, William and Moses, arrived in Texas during what was the most exciting time of Texas History. These men were brave and yet wise enough to keep their scalps while living on what was one of the most dangerous frontier towns of the West between 1835 and 1844.

I've heard stories told that as many as 50% of the young men who came to San Antonio after the founding of the Republic of Texas in 1836 met untimely ends. The two Jett boys that both William and Moses rode with as Texas Rangers both died untimely deaths in the early 40s.

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1835 Wm. Hesskew Call for Convention in Brazoria , Texas 1835
1835 William Heskew first Settlers of Texas
1835 - October through December 1835 -William participates in expulsion of Santa Anna's brother in law from San Antonio - The Battle of Bexar
1835-1836 Wm. Hesskew's Service Record explored
March 1836 - the Alamo falls
April 1836 - The battle of San Jacinto and the Republic of Texas is created
1836-37 Moses arrives in Texas to join his younger brother William. Moses, was awarded a second-class Headright Land grant of 640 acres. This award indicates that Moses was a single man who arrived in Texas as an immigrant after the Declaration of Independence and prior to October 1, 1837.
1838 William Hesskew 1838 Land Grant
1839 Moses Hesskew - Texas Ranger and Indian fighter 1839
1840 Census Records 1840 Bexar County, Texas
1840 Council House Fight in San Antonio - Moses Heskew's future wife was an eye witness
1840 Indian depredations against Linnville and Victoria and their defeat at Plum Creek.
1841 Jan –May of 41 Capt Hay’s Spy company - Wm's participation in the Texas Rangers with Captain Jack Hays
1841 Moses elected "Justice of the Peace , 4th District in Bexar County ( probably in the San Antonio Area ) on 2/1/41. He was Commissioned 2/20/41.
1842 The Vasquez and Wall's campaigns in Texas 1842
1842 Battle of Salado According to James Nichols - William mentioned in Battle account. Moses was in attendance as well | See Book cover right "Now You Hear My Horn". The Journal Of James Wilson Nichols

1842 Map of the Battle of Salado | Handbook of Texas Online: SALADO CREEK, BATTLE OF
1842 Steven and Matthew Jett- Comrades of Moses and Wm. -
1842 William Hesskew - Participation in the Vasquez and Woll's Campaign 1842
1842 History of Castro's Colony - 1842 Mary Ann Tronson arrives in Texas
1844 William and Moses both marry in December 1844
1846 Wm. bought a the Ferry across the San Marcos River on the old San Antonio Road
1846 between 1846 and about 1850 Wm bought and sold several properties
1846 A Visit To Austin ...A Fandango in San Antonio Life in San Antonio about 1846-1847
1848 Moses elected Sheriff of Gonzales
1848 Indian Raid into Gonzales and De Witt Counties in 1848 at the time Moses was sheriff

1870s John Wesley Hardin and Billings Family Connections
1879 Letter from Moses Heskew to William Hesskew
1880 The 1880 Tax records reflect Moses acquired an additional 1400 acres to bring his holdings to over 2,000 acres in 1880. Moses passes over on September 27, 1880 to join his forefathers.

1891 Wm. enter eternal rest



Marriage notice - B. S. Jeter to Miss A. E. Heskew - Moses' daughter
Martha Ann Hesskew - Wm.'s daughter
Heskew and Ellis - Document belonging to Mrs. Doris (Smith) Mercer - Origin unknown, undoubtedly prepared by one of the children of J. D. Ellis and Eliza Heskew. Details who Wm. and Moses parents were.
Edward_A. Hesskew
William Roe Heskew


Wm. Hesskew Family - Various Photos

Moses Heskew - Various Family Photos

Mary Jane and Jim Hesskew | Mrs. W.C. Billings (Mary Jane Heskew) and Mary Ann Hesskew


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