Letter from Moses Heskew to William Hesskew

Dec. 1879

Brother W.A.H.

I received your letter rote in May at Plesinton stating you expected to move to that place to settle your home. I suppose you looked at it again and thought you would try the muschate again. I am pleased you will find a place to please you. I received your letter in regards to my taxes in that county which was all right. I was trying to get W.E. to go there to attend to it and sell it if he could. I was glad you attended to it it was all right. My six forty is still where I first located it. I cap puting off riting to get you money to send to you it (torn) I could get it was to rite you a few lines to all was rite I wish I could sell it if you get any chance let me know it. I was offered six bits an acre but wanted a dollar last spring the boyes concluded to move there cattle to Kimboel Co. and carrie as menny of ours as they could find.

They carried them in July and (torn) them in charge of Mr. Billings a cosin of (torn) Billingseys they came back to hunt the calves William Colewell (uninteligible) off the party has since gone up and taken the cattle in charge and W.C. will go up in the spring. I want you to attend to my land if you can as soon as I can get the money I will send it to you. W.E. speaks (unintelligible) comes you will have it. This leaves us all well except myself I have bin nevery well long at a time since I had the ericiples in my rite leg I am up an down principle confined to the house. rite as soon as you get this to let me know how you like still my wife has six forty in that county the Thomas Higgenbotham

if it has not bin sold for taxes rite if you know anything about it it lies on a creek that runs in the Tarde.

So nothing more at present

Moses Heskew

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