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The following work was contributed by Ruth in our genealogical study and documentation of the Heskew brothers in early Texas History

The Battle of Concepcion occurred on October 28, 1835.

The "Grass Fight" occurred sometime between the Battle of Concepcion and the siege of Bexar.

McLean Papers Concerning Robertson’s Colony in Texas; vol. TX (Pg. 424)

"From September 28 to December 27, 1835, Bunton was first sergeant of Robert M. Coleman’s company of Mina Volunteers. During the siege of Bexar, December 5 to 10, 1835, he was transferred to John York’s company. On the day he was honorably discharged from the army, Bunton was elected secretary of the Committee of Safety for Mina Municipality.

The above tends to establish "York's Company" at the siege of Bexar. The Mina Municipality is that which will later be the town of Bastrop.

The siege of Bexar (Battle of San Antonio) lasted five days - from December 5 to December 10, 1835.

It is not known whether William A. Heskew participated in the above engagements.

However documents from the General Land Office indicate the following:

R.V. File No.863, "Application of Win. A. Heskew for Veteran Land Certificate


Wm. A. Heskew sates that he - -"was a soldier and actually entered military service in the Texas Army subsequent to the commencement of the Revolution in 1835 and prior to January 1, 1837. And -

That he entered such service on or about 9th day of October, 1835 and was honorably discharged on or about 5th day of December 1835 _ "also three months service in 1836."

That he served in the company of Captain York in 1835 _ _ "and three months in Lieutenant Reose company the original Captain having resigned which was McColder Co. in 1836". According to the application Hewkew states that he served, in 1836, from "about June 1, 1836 to Jan. 1st 1837. However an attached certificate by Geo. W. Poe, executed in Columbia on Nov. 30, 1836, states that the service was from July 3rd to Oct. 10, 1836. This certificate also bears a certification by John P. York, Capt. of Brazos Guard, to the effect that Heskew faithfully discharged his duty as a soldier and was honorably discharged on Dec. 5, 1835.

On the "Proof of Application" there are acknowledgements by Albert Kelso and Joseph Williams that the "facts stated by Heskew are true.

In this file is the Certificate of Board of Veterans, dated October 26, 1881, entitling Wm. A. Heskew to 1,280 acres.

General Land Office: Bexar County File No. 175, First Class, Wm. A. Heshew

Contains Certificate No. 83 by the Board of Land Commissioner’s for County of Bexar, dated 1st day of February, 1838, in which the Commissioners are satisfied that Heshew emigrated to Texas previous to the declaration of independence, that he is a single man, and is entitled to one-third of a league of land.

Contains survey of one-third league, being Survey No. 146 in Section 6 on the Chiquihuitillo Creek in Bexar County (now Atascosa County).

The "jacket" of this file notes that the said land was patented on Jan.9, 1846. The Patent may be found in Vol. "L," Page 621, of the Deed Records of Atascosa County, Texas. As recorded, the Patent bears a date of January 10, 1846. It is signed by Arson Jones, President of the Republic of Texas.

General Land Office: Bexar "Donation" File 2449, Wm. A. Heskew

This file contains Veteran Donation Certificate No. 863 issued to Wm. A. Heskew, dated October 29, 1881.

From the file, it seems that a certain Paul M. Combs acted as "agent" for Heskew in attempting to locate this entitlement in El Paso County. It further appears that the land applied for was not subject to this type of application, it being in the Texas and Pacific Railway "Reserve." To date, we have no evidence that Heskew ever received any land under his "veterans entitlement."

Vasquez and Walls Campaign

After Texas became a Republic in 1836, Mexico did not recognized its independence and had many altercation with the young nation. Two notable incursions into Texas, both in 1842, were the so called Vasquez campaign, in March and the Walls campaign in September.

On March 5, 1842, Rafael Vasquez, a commander of the Mexican army, occupied San Antonio with five to seven hundred men. The Texans, not being strong enough to hold the town, evacuated without a fight when Vasquez demanded its surrender. He took San Antonio, raised the Mexican flag, and declared Mexican laws in force. Vasquez departed on March 7; his invasion was regarded as a plundering or guerrilla party.

(William's' Certificate of Vasquez Campaign) William participated in the Vasquez campaign but not the Walls Campaign. Moses on the other hand participated in both.

General Land Office: Bexar 2nd Class File No. 43, Moses Heskew

This file contains three 2nd Class Certificates issued to Moses Heskew. Two of the Certificates are noted to be illegal since a previous certificate had been issued. The file also contains a survey of 640 acres, in Atascosa County.

General Land Office: Bexar 2nd Class File No. 651, Moses Heskew

This file contains a Duplicate Certificate No. 16, for 640 acres, issued to Moses Heskew. The file also contains a survey of the same 640 acres, in Atascosa County, as is contained in File No. 43. The file jacket con— tans a note to the effect that this tract was patented on December 21, 1874.

(Moses' Certificate of Vasquez / Walls Campaign)

From a scrap of paper, found in the "Billings Family Bible", written by Mary Jane Heskew Billings - mother of Keiffer Edmond Billings.
November 27, 1864

Age of W.A. Heskew and Mary A. Heskew and family
W.A. Heskew was born March 13, 1811
Mary A. Heskew was born March 15, 1826


1. Mary J. Heskew was born Nov. 2, 1845

2. Henry Heskew was born Aug. 4, 1847 and died Oct. 11, 1847

3. Jams Albert was born Oct. 12, 1848

4. Elizabeth Sarah was born Oct. 31, 1850

5. Martha Arsedannabell Hesskew was born Nov. 14, 1852

6. Moses Harry Hesskew was born March 30, 1854

7. Lucy Eliot Hesskew was born Jan. 30, 1856

8. Edward A. Hesskew was born Feb. 27, 1858

9. Josephine L. Hesskew was born Dec. 9, 1860

10. July Ann Hesskew was born Dec. 9, 1860

11. William D. Hesskew was born Aug. 12, 1863

12. Arreny Ann Hesskew was born Jan. 18, 1868

13. William Roe Hesskew was born Oct. 12, 1876


From tombstones in Harper, Gillespie County, Texas cemetery located close to Harper school and in back of Baptist Church):

Mrs. W.C. Billings (Mary Jane Heskew)

Born Nov. 2, 1845 Died Oct. 23, 1919

Age 73 yrs, 11 mo. 2 days "At Rest"

Mrs. Mary A. Hesskew

Born March 15, 1826 Died April 17, 1912 "Our Dear Mother"

* * * Found in Dallas Public Library * * *

1840 Census of the Republic of Texas (R929.3: T42Wh)

Bexar County - Page 14

Hesskew, Moses 1 S 2116

Hesskew, William 1’ 5 1476

("S" means ‘Land in acres under survey based on a grant without a final title confirmed by the G.L.O.)

Bexar County Texas Marriage Records: 1837—1866 (r929.37643: M167B)

Pg. 00023

Heskew, Moses Higgenbothom, Levicy Jan. 2, 1845 Vol. "A", Pg. 068

"8,800 Texas Marriages, 1824—1850 (R828.3764: 5974E) Vol. 1- 2

Pg. 67

Hesskin, William A. Tornson, Mary 12-13-1844 Bexar
Hesskin, Moses Higginbotham, Levicy 12-27-1844 Bexar

From 1850 Census of Texas #117, Pg. 856



Hescue, Wm.

36 M

  So. Carolina  

24 F


4 F


2 M






Hescue, Moses

45 M


35 F


6 F


4 F


2 M




From Micro—Film; Census of June 1860, Gonzales, Texas, Salt Stream Post Office



Occupation Real Est. Pers. Birthplace
Hesskew, Wm.

50 M

Farmer 2200 1400 So. Carolina

35 F

M .J.

15 F


12 M


10 F


8 F


6 M


4 F


2 M

Tronson, Jane

60 F




Occupation Real Est Pers. Birthplace
Hesskew, M.

53 M

Farmer 4000 5000 So. Carolina

44 F


14 F


12 F






6 F


1 M


* * * State Archives & Library, Austin, Texas * * *


From "Marriage Records of Early Texas, 1824-1846 (G.762) Compiled by Norman Rurledge Grammer, 1971 Pg. 7 (Copy obtained)

1844: Dec. 13, Dec. 27,

William A. Hesskin - Mary Tronson Moses Hesskins - Levity Higinbotham


Deed Records of Atascosa County, Texas: VOL "L," Pg. 622

Power of Attorney; William A. & Mary A. Hesskew to E.A. Hesskew November 17, 1887

This document has the effect of a will. W.A. and Mary declare their ownership of the 1/3 League originally granted to W. A. They also declare ownership of "our little effects" and "some stock." They desire to "arrange for the proper division" thereof before they "are called to depart this life." E. A. Hesskew is appointed agent and attorney-in-fact to take charge of their possessions. He is to take charge of the pasture and all the stock therein. He may keep the increase. He is to keep the fences up and pay taxes. As compensation he is to have "all he can make on the pasture in the way of keeping stock for other persons until May 1891." By May 12, 1891, he is to have sold the land and divided the proceeds among the several heirs of W.A. and Mary. The heirs are named as:

  1. Mary Jane Billings
  2. James A. Hesskew
  3. Elizabeth S. Raley
  4. Martha D. Stonell
  5. Moses H. Hesskew
  6. Lucy E. Hesskew
  7. Edward A. Hesskew
  8. Josephine S. Stewart
  9. Arreny A. Newman
  10. William R. Hesskew

and the mother the said Mary A. Hesskew


William Alexander Hesskew |Moses Heskew

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