Property Wm Hesskew owned in Gonzales County

You will notice that the map below ( inter Gonzales) shows the present City of Gonzales Wm between 1846 and about 1850 bought and sold several properties  

William Hesskew owned top right corner (6) of Block 12  ( See below)  West Corner of St James and St Louis in Gonzales  ( looks like  he sold this twice)    lot 1 (top left) part of block 2 below ( the corner of St Matthew and Water St )  It may be he bought this twice?  

  He owned 12 acres outside of town where the Ferry located on the San Marcos River

He owned 728 acres SW of town  ( Hesskew Springs location )   in March of 1848 Wm bought 1176 acres and sold it  in Aug of 49  ( I don't know what his profit was ) will need to get the papers on that

  In  May of 1850 he bought 1112 acres and sold the same in Nov.  ( Regular Real Estate Man)  

He also owned lots 3 & 4 in B5 Range West ( Outer Gonzales, which is generally west of the main town and east of the San Marcos River, basicly a few blocks north and west of the Court house )     See Map below for details ( I maked them in Yellow ) Source : Below  

The Other lots he owned on the outer part of town cn be found at the site below.  I have figured out where they are exactly See Attached File ( I maked them in Yellow ) I marked where these lots were at. They are probably the actual location of the Ferry    


Also See attached File   The Attached 2 Map  ( with 1 cutouts overlaying another) shows in Yellow , Where Wm owned property in Gonzales on the San Marcos River ( probably the Ferry Site  or property in VERY close proximity to the Ferry)   The Green is where the Old San Antonio Rd crossed the San Marcos River   The Red is What I think may have been the first 12 Acres Wm bought at the time he bought the Ferry from Mr Kesse in 1846   The Yellow area ( Cutout map on Left) seems to cover the same area as the Red area on the River.  Maybe there was some question about the title of the 12 acres  ( Which the map shows now as 14 acres)? Iregardless, He evidently bought the surronding property to possible ensure his bussiness  had sufficent room or to graze animals or possible built a home there at the beginning.  The area in Yellow was bought in late 1848,  over 2 years after he bought the Ferry.  

Location of Hesskew Springs and the Ferry Wm Hesskew owned in Gonzales CountyAnother Map

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