Location of Hesskew School, Hesskew Springs and the Hesskew Ferry


The Hesskew School

According to Marjorie Burnett Hyatt, the Hesskew school was located on (what was) John Billings property. Cousin Ruth says that Moses Hesskew was a School Teacher. Information suggest the school was still used until about 1900 in Gonzales Country. The 1850 Census list the family as Hescue.

The Hesskew Springs

Hesskew Springs identified in the book by "The Ties that Bind" a history of Gonzales County , Texas by Marjorie Burnett Hyatt. Possible this was where the Hesskew families lived. She says " The Hesskew family was one of the very early families in this area, listed on the the road from Pilgrim to Smiley use to go by Hesskew Springs, 1860 census at the Salt Stream Post Office. before the present Hwy. 87 was built . There is still a windmill at the site of the old Hesskew home & school."

Wm Hesskew owned 728 acres SW of town  ( Hesskew Springs location )   Wait for Map to load below

The Hesskew Ferry

Wiliam owned 12 acres outside of town where the Ferry located on the San Marcos River

Also See attached File   The Attached 2 Map  ( with 1 cutouts overlaying another) shows in Yellow , Where Wm. owned property in Gonzales on the San Marcos River ( probably the Ferry Site  or property in VERY close proximity to the Ferry)   The Green is where the Old San Antonio Rd crossed the San Marcos River   The Red is What I think may have been the first 12 Acres Wm. bought at the time he bought the Ferry from Mr. Kesse in 1846   The Yellow area ( Cutout map on Left) seems to cover the same area as the Red area on the River.  Maybe there was some question about the title of the 12 acres  ( Which the map shows now as 14 acres)? Irregardless, He evidently bought the surrounding property to possible ensure his business  had sufficient room or to graze animals or possible built a home there at the beginning.  The area in Yellow was bought in late 1848,  over 2 years after he bought the Ferry.  

Hesskew Property in City of Gonzales

More about property Wm owned in Gonzales proper here.

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