Susan McGuire Flinn

Susan Frances McGuire

Susan was married to Dr. John Flinn, first physician in Hutto, Texas. Evidence suggest that Susan also practiced medicine as a mid wife and a nurse.

A must reading Dr. John C. Flinn and Susan McGuire's life and times in Tennessee and the Civil War

James McGuire        
|b Bet. 1810 - 1820 NC? |      
|d bef 1855        
Dr. Susan Frances McGuire        
b. February 11, 1837 Madison County, TN
d. September 27, 1916
Spouse Dr. John Carroll Flinn Ishmael Bailey      
| | b. abt 1792 NC      
Rachel Bailey        
b Bet. 1810 - 1820 North Carolina
d. 1847 due to Lightening
  Mary ?      
  b. abt 1797 SC      

Abt. 1847 Rachel Bailey McGuire, Susan's mother, was standing near the fireplace in the kitchen skimming milk when she was was instantly killed by a bolt of lightening.

Susan Frances McGuire was ten years old at the time of her mother's death. Susan was one the four McGuire children who were placed in the care of relatives. Susan went to live with her maternal grandfather Bailey, while her sister Mary went to live with her paternal aunt, Martha McGuire Blair, whom they called "Aunt Mat" After Grandfather Bailey's death, Susan went to live with the Parker family.

The 1850 census bares out the above information reflecting that Mary was living with her Aunt Mat and the other 3 children with Grandfather Bailey.

From the Tenn. Archives

1855 wb-6-74 (Ma). Said referenced document is a probate for distribution of funds to the minor children of James McGuire after the death of their guardian Henry S. Parker. These minor children were George B., Susan F., David P., and Mary McGuire.

The above document suggest that James McGuire, Susan's father did pass away before 1855 and possible before 1850 at which time the children were residing with other relatives. The above information further confirms the link to the Parker family.

Mary McGuire moved to Texas in 1855 with Aunt Mat while Susan and her Family were to endure the struggles of the Civil War. See more on the families life and times during this period here.

Unfortunately, Susan's brother were both casualties of the War and after 1869 the family moved to Texas to start a new life.


Mary Jane ( Jennie ) FLINN
b. 1857 d. abt 1934-1945
mother of Hardie H Hutto
Curtis Willington FLYNN
George Renshaw. FLINN
Thomas Henry FLINN
2-4-1865 - 5-22-1930
Charles Lee FLINN
8-28-1866 - 7-8-1945
John William FLINN
Dr. Joseph Franklin FLINN
Patrick Hardie FLYNN
Sallie Bet FLINN
Mattie Blair FLINN
Annie Lane FLINN
Effie May FLINN
Margaret Pearl FLINN
  Brothers and Sisters
1. George B.McGuire b. Abt. 1835
2. Perry ( David Perry) b. Abt. 1841
3. Mary Louise McGuire b. February 08, 1839
Descendants of Mary Louise McGuire
1 Mary Louise McGuire 1839 - 1925 age at d: 86 est.
.. 2 Susan McMordie
.. 2 Nettie McMordie
....... 3 Maurine Walker - 1963
.. 2 Emmet B. McMordie
.. 2 G. Kenneth McMordie Abt. 1872 - 1961 age at d: 89 est.
....... 3 Wilma McMordie
....... 3 Warren C. McMordie
....... 3 Vera McMordie
.. 2 Maggie McMordie
.. 2 Lena McMordie
.. 2 Arthur McMordie
.. 2 O.R. McMordie
.. 2 William Emmett McMordie 1864 - 1927 age at d: 63
....... 3 Charles E. McMordie
....... 3 Tabor McMordie
....... 3 Pauline McMordie

The following is an except from this article

Mr. Saul remembers a Dr. Flinn who practiced at Hutto (Hutto Texas) in it’s earliest days. J. F or (P.) Saul was born in 1870 and Mrs. Dr. Flinn officiated at his birth -- " I believe I was the first child she brought to the world, " he said

The Flinns had a son Dr. Joseph Flinn who also practiced the later in Hutto Texas.

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