George R. and Anna Eliza (Sanders) Flinn
By Dorothy M. Humphreys

Anna Eliza Sanders was born 7 May 1864 on a farm near Round Rock. She was the daughter of Robert Peter Sanders and Sarah Susannah Levy. She attended a girls school at Old Round Rock and was well educated for that period. She was a beautiful girl with dark brown hair, brown eyes and fair skin; small in size. 

On 6 October 1886 she was married to George R. Flinn, son of Dr. J. C. and Susan Francis Flinn of Round Rock. Their ceremony was performed by Reverend John Hudson of the Presbyterian Church. The young couple moved to a farm he owned near Georgetown, where their first two children, Ruby and Georgia, were born. During this time her husband, George, was studying medicine After he finished, they moved to Hutto where he owned and operated a drugstore.

Anna was kept busy as a housewife and mother. It was here in 1893 that their third and last child, Robert Carroll Flinn, was born. After the birth of Robert, her health was bad. She was very artistic, making many pieces of beautiful needlework and lace In 1903 the family moved to Pauls Valley, Indian Territory, where George engaged in the drug and cattle businesses until 1904, when they moved to the town of Wanette in Oklahoma Territory. They lived there until Will died 24 March 1931, and Anna followed her dear husband 19 November 1931. They are buried side by-side in the Wanette Cemetery.

from the Heritage Society of Williamson County, Texas

Picture of George with his brothers in 1925 , Hutto, Texas

George R. Flinn

  Isiah Flinn      
  b.  April 23, 1807      
Dr. John Carroll Flinn d. April 14, 1838   |William Teague
b. November 23, 1761
d. September 23, 1845
Joshua Teague
Abt. 1732
d. May 12, 1804
Dorothy Gaunt
d Bef. 1804
|b July 25, 1830 | John C. Teague |Elizabeth Miller  
|d July 18, 1895 Rhoda Teague b. June 21, 1786 |b. June 22, 1768  
| b. December 25, 1812 Nancy_____ |  
George R. Flinn d. June 09, 1892      
b March 1860        
spouse James McGuire      
| |      
Dr. Susan Frances McGuire        
b February 1837 |      
d. 1917 Rachel Bailey      
  b Abt. 1815      

Brothers and sisters of George R. Flinn

  1. Mary Jane FLINN b1857
  2. Curtis W. FLYNN b September 1858
  3. John FLINN b. Abt. 1859
  4. Sallie Blair Flinn b. January 23, 1863
  5. Thomas H. FLINN 2-4-1865 - 5-22-1930
  6. Charles L. FLINN 8-28-1866 - 7-8-1945
  7. Joseph FLINN b. Abt. 1869
  8. Mattie B. FLINN b. March 1871
  9. Annie L. FLINN b. December 01, 1873
  10. Effie Mae FLINN b. April 1875
  11. Patrick Hardy Flynn b. June 22, 1877
  12. Margaret Pearl Flinn b. June 29, 1879

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