JOHN PEARSON came to South Carolina from one of the English settlements of Virginia during colonial times. John had two sons, AARON and MOSES.

AARON PEARSON was a soldier during the American Revolution. He married a Miss Spears and they had a son who was also named Aaron. This Aaron married Miss Ann Vining and had several daughters and two sons, Thomas who moved to Alabama and John who lived in Bruten’s Fork, South Carolina. Regarding John it is written in “A History of Marlboro County” by J.M.W.Thomas that “It is fit that credit be given him for much information embodied within these pages.  His health was remarkably preserved, and his vigor of body and mind, when past four-score, was a marvel.  Not only did he love to live over in thought the scenes and enjoyments of his earlier years, and to tell of his experiences as a soldier of the war of 1812, but he manifested a lively interest in passing events, and the employments of people of another

MOSES PEARSON owned and lived upon what at one time was known as the “big plantation” but later came to be known as “Lowdon”. He was prominent in the affairs of the American Revolution as a lieutenant in “Hick’s Regiment” in 1780 and during the subsequent two years as a captain in “Benton’s Regiment”. After the war his name appeared frequently in the records of the “old” Brownsville church and in those of the county court. Moses was one of the first justices of Marlboro County and seems to have presided over the court. He was also involved in a similar capacity in the “old” Cheraw district before it was organized as a county. Moses is said to have fathered eight sons and seven daughters. One of the daughters became MRS.HASKEW (wife of John or Zacheus Haskew perhaps?). Another daughter became Mrs. Galloway. One of the sons was named Thomas and was the ancestor of the brothers Moses and Zacheus Pearson. Mrs. Joel Easterling, John D. Pearson and Mrs. Rachel Townsend were descended from another of Moses’ sons. The JOHN family is also said to be in some way connected to the Pearson family.

According to J.M.W. Thomas "The HASKEW family “mentioned in connection with the Pearsons are worthy of a more special notice.  Two of these old men are remembered.  JOHN (HASKEW) is entitled to a place among the old heroes of the Revolution.  His name is upon (General Francis) Marion’s muster roll as “John Askew,” the initial H omitted, and yet no difficulty was found in proving his claim to a pension when so many living witnesses were found to testify to his presence and services.  Quiet, inoffensive old man!  At a great age he was thrown from a vehicle in which he was riding and received fatal injuries. Thomas H. Haskew is a grandson.  Zacheus was the other brother, a younger man than John, and more succssful in the affairs of this life.  He was the father of the excellent ladies, Mrs. Donaldson and Mrs. Bruce, from both of whom many
good young people have sprung.  A sister of these old men married a Mr. Britton, a son of whom, Hugh Britton, is remembered as one of the fine-looking young men of Brownsville society in the (eighteen) thirties."

According to the “Abstracts of Revolutionary War Pension Files” John Haskew was a member of the “South Carolina Line”. This would have been a regular infantry unit. At the time of his enlistment he lived in an area of Craven County, S.C. which would later become Marlboro County. He still lived there when he applied for a pension on October 5th, 1832 at which time he was 69 years old. From this we can deduce that John was born between Oct. 6th 1762 and Oct. 5th 1763. Since he lived into his 80s his time of death must have been at some point from the mid 1840s to the early 1850s. Being that he was one of the “old heroes of the Revolution” perhaps an obituary or other notice could be found in South Carolina records. In 1820 John Haskew Senr (suggesting the existence of a John Jr.) was living in Marlboro County, S.C. and was over the age of 45. Living with him were a female (could be a wife or daughter) between the ages of 26 and 45 and two females (probably daughters) between the ages of 10 and 16.

Living near John Haskew Senr in 1820 was MOSES J.HASKEW. Moses is listed as being between 26 and 45 years of age. Living with him was a wife (or daughter) aged 16 to 26 and four chidren, two sons and two daughters, all under the age of ten. (It is interesting to note the use of the name “Zacheus” by both the Pearson and Haskew families and the use of the name “Moses” by persons with the surnames Pearson, Haskew and Heskew/Hesskew. The pattern suggests much.) In 1830 a MOSES HASKEW (mistranscribed in the census index as Hasken) is living in Dallas County, Alabama and is between the ages of 50 and 60. Living with him is a wife age 50-60, a daughter age 20-30, a daughter age 15-20, and a daughter age 10-15. Also living with him are a son age 20-30, a son age 15-20, and a son age 10-15. I believe that the two older sons are MOSES HESSKEW and WILLIAM ALEXANDER HESSKEW who later during the 1830s would move on to Texas.

In 1840 in Dallas County, Alabama there was a M. HASKIN; a male age 60-70. I believe this is the same person as the Moses Haskew of 1830 mentioned above. Living with M. Haskin in 1840 were a wife age 60-70 and a daughter age 20-30. There are also a Joel E. Haskins and a P.E. Haskins living in the same county as M. Haskin, but I have no evidence to suggest that they are connected. According to Dallas County, Alabama Geneological Records, Volume 1, page 27, in 1845 the will of MOSES HESKEW was executed. The witnesses were Henry Averyt and Wm. W. Olds. I do not yet have a copy of this will but firmly believe that this is the same man that I have been following decade by decade and that he is the father of MOSES HESSKEW and WILLIAM ALEXANDER HESSKEW.

There was also a MOSES HASKEN (probably a mistranscription of Haskew) who married NANCY JOHN in 1812 in Marlborough (sic) City, South Carolina. During the War of 1812 he was a private in Captain Betheas’ Company of South Carolina Militia. According to an index of War of 1812 pensioners he died in 1828 but his wife Nancy was living in Marlborough (sic) city of Marlborough (sic) District, S.C. from 1855 to 1871. This Moses is obviously one of the South Carolina Haskew family. But is he the one in the 1820 census and if so how, if indeed is the Moses Haskew of 1830 Alabama connected? Since Moses was a commonly used name in this particular family more research is needed in order to avoid confusion.

Written, researched and compiled by F. Scott Hinkle in Scottsdale, Arizona on January 15, 1998

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Additional notes

From: ST 0602 State Plats, Charleston Series 1784-1860 & Columbia Series 1796- 1868 South Carolina State Archives

1) bottom plat on page 181. 28 JUN 1791 Jenny NUNNERY’s plat for 182 acres on Pee Dee River, Cheraw District has a border to ASQUE’s land. Record Group 9, Record Series 8, volume/box/roll 27, page 181,

2) hard to read plat p284. 25 MAR 1802 Anthony POUNCEY’s plat for 49.5 acres on White Oak Bay of Buckhead Creek, Colleton District (which was the Charleston area) has a border to Moses HASSKEW’s land. Record Group 9. Record Series 8, volume/box/roll 36, page 284, item #2

3) page 209. 13 DEC 1819 Rachel, William & Sarah PEARSON’s plat for 501 3/4 acres (heirs of Samuel PEARSON) on Three Creeks, Marlborough District has a border to the left with Zac ASKEW. Record Group 9, Record Series 9. volume/box/roll 46, page 209, item #0

4) page 84. 2 DEC 1837 John CAMPBELL’s plat for 373 acres on The Big Branch of 3 Creeks on public road from Cheraw to Brownsville, Marlborough District has a border with Zacheus HASKEW’s land. Record Group 9, Record Series 9. volume/box/roll 52. page 84. item #1

5) page 82. 2 DEC 1837 John CAMPBELL’s plat for 734 acres on Pee Dee River & Three Creeks. Marlborough District has a border with Zacheus HASKEW’s land. Record Group 9, Record Series 9. volume/box/roll 52, page 82, item #1

6) page 802 DEC 1837 John CAMPBELL’s plat for 1440 acres on Three Creeks. Marlborough District has a border with Zacheus HASKEW’s land. Record Group 9, Record Series 9, volume/box/roll 52, page 80, item #0

7) unknown page.. but a survey done for Thomas A. CORGILL of his 189 acres, the SW part of a tract granted to William Henry MILLS by SC governor William BULL 10 FEB 1775 of 405 acres. Re-surveyed 24th JAN 1809. Zacheus HASKEW’s land a border.

Recorded 1 October 1818

Aaron PEARSON Sr. of Marlborough District to John HASKEW Sr.

$100 for 100 acres

SandHill Bay North East side of Peedee River it bcing a part of a tract of land containing 221 acres granted by his excellency John DRATON or DEATON bearing date FEB 1805

beginning at pine stake in the -ase meadow from thence a straight corse (sic) to pine corner on Anthony POUNCEY’s land and so onto Derby HANDLEY 's lands to pine corner newly made marked with a 3X from thence to down the side of Sandhill Bay strait (sic) to pine corner markled as before mentioned from thence

-strate (sic) to pine in r— meadow

3 FEB 1805

witnesses: Aaron Jr. & Mary PEARSON

P386 Book H-1

Aaron PEARSON Sr of Marlborough District to John HASKEW Sr

200 acres

Beginning on a eornerof Sand Hill Bay running East to Post oak station on BOON’s land being a land granted by John DANTON? Commander in Chief

26 JAN 1808

winesses: Aaron PEARSON Jr & John TINING

Aaron PEARSON Jr testified veracity on 21 AUG 1818

26 SEP 1792

Between John ASKEW, Elizabeth ASKUE, his wife & Ruth ASKUE mother of said John ASKUE of Marlborough County to Baron FCHB POELLMETZ

50 lbs sterling current money of SC by the Baron paid

sale made for one whole year

part of that land lying and situated of the North East side of the Peedee River in the Welch Tract containing 50 acres, bound Southward by the Peedee river, North East by John NEWBERRY's land and South East by Jesse ASKUE’s land

Said land was granted to Thomas ELLERBE 22 MAR 1745 for one hundred acres. Transferred by the said ELLERIBE unto the deceased John ASKUE by Sarah & Rebecca 5- date 15 NOV 1762 and left by a will of the Deceased ASKUE unto his son John ASKUE and Ruth his mother

Elizabeth ASKUE


3 SEP 1792

Before me, Moses PEARSON, one of the Justices assigned to keep the peace in said county, appeared William STEWART - verified signatures


Rebecca CHERRY, James DUNKIN, Martha DUNKIN his wife heirs of the estate of Simon CHERRY deceased, to Zaccheus HASSKEW

30 acres to be laid out as HASSKEW pleases

N W(?) Part of of a hundred acres granted to William SWEAT containing 150 acres on I 7th JUL 1771 conveyed to William CHERRY mid from William CHERRY to Simon CHERRY and now a part ot Zaccheus HASSKEW 1/5 part of 100 acres the land to adjoin Zaccheus' s other land

on the NE side of the Peedee River on 3 creeks hounded by NW by William ALBON’s land, SW by vacant land S by John HODGE & William SWEAT’s land NE by vacant land

13 OCT 1813

witnesses Moses HASSKEW, Samuel PEARSON

signed by Rebecca CHERRY, James & Martha DUNKIN


Recorded 9 FEB 1819 p424 Book H-1

Thomas Alexander CORGILL to Moses HASSKEW wife Martha Ann CORGILL


79 acres of land being part of a parcel of 150 acres which isa part of a parcel of 405 acres granted to William Henry MILLS by his excelleney William BULL Esqr 10 FEB 1775 on the East side of Peedee River and Durby Bay and conveyed by said William Henry MILLS to Aaron PEARSON by lease & release 17th & 18th NOV 1775 and from Aaron PEARSON to Magnus CORGILL by lease & release bearing date 17th & 18th JULY 1778 and from Magnus CORGILL unto Peter WAY by deed 29th Sep 1802 and from Peter WAY to Thomas A. CORGILL by deed 14th MAR 1807 the 79 acres is the in the SW part of the 150 acres and is the balance that remains of the said tract that was surveyed by Philip PLEDGES 24th JAN 1809 refers to platte by Philip PLEDGES.

Witnesses Lowden HARWELL and R. COCHRAN

then in 5 AUG 1814
witnesses Edward FRIAQIE
affirmed 4 NOV 1817



In the name of God Amen June sixth day one thousand seven hundred and seventy one, I John Askew of St. David’s Parish and in the province of South Carolina, being weak in body but in proper and perfect mind and memory thanks be given unto God, therefore calling unto mind the mortality of my body and knowing that it is appointed for all men once to dye (sic), do make and ordain this my last will and Testament; that is to say, principally and first of all I give and recomnmend my soul unto the hands of God that gave it, and my body I recommend to the earth to be buried in decent christian (sic) burial at the diseretion of my executor, nothing doubting but at the general resurrection I shall receive the same again by the mighty powers of God, and as touching such worldly estates wherewith it bath pleased God to bless me in this life I give demise and dispose of the same in the following manner and form

Imprimis I give and bequeath to Ruth, my dear beloving wife her life on my land to live pesibly (sic) on the same during her life and likewise my household goods and movables to my wife during her lifetime, and likewise my stock of cattle and hogs and horses to her fbr the support of my beloved sons and daughters, and at the decease of my beloved wife I give and bequeath unto my loving sons named John ASKEW and Jesse my land equally divided between them, and all my said movables and stock of all sorts to be likewise divided amongst all my loveing (sic) children in like manners.

Manuel COX

Marlborough County

Aaron PEARSON being duly sworn maketh oath that he was present & saw John ASKEW the Testator named in the within instrument of writing sign seal & execute the same as his last will and Testament the said John ASKEW being then of sound mind, memory and understandings, that the name Aaron PEARSON subscribed as a witness to the execution of the said will is the deponent's hand writing & that Manuel COX & Moses PEARSON were also present at and witnesses to the execution thereto together with the deponent subscribed their names as such in the presence of each other.

Sworn in open court

this fifth day of May 1793

**Notc of clerk at bottom of pages *

I do not find that the above will was ever before recorded"

Map of Gonzales County at the time William and Moses lived there in 1860- Shows Hesskews Springs on the Map
Map of Texas 1850
Texas Declaration of Independence
Family Bible information from Dewey Hesskew

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