Dollie Frances Newman

Grandma Remembered by Marvin Schubert and Bill Hutto

As you will read Bill's remarks below, I thought, man , he really captured the essence of Grandma. She was like the little old women in the shoe that had so many kids, she did not know what to do. But She DID. Over 70 grandchildren kept Grandma Hutto on her toes, but did not keep her from being able to dance a jig if it called for it. Daddy called Grandma "Mother Dear" as an affectionate sign of love and respect. She would go on our vacations to Con Can, Texas when we were children before she met up with Gus Struve. She was and continued to be a fishing fool until her death. And as Bill will share in a moment, Always had a harmonica which she could be prompted to with little effort to play you a song. Grandma was always patient and I can hardly remember her ever raising her voice in anger. She cooked some good vittles too. But I guess Grandma's are just pure "Love" and that may be the ultimate epithet to a beautiful and wonderful lady.

My beer drinking, singing, frenchharp playing, poker playing, gambling, fishing grandmother was a Newman.  I wish she was still around.  I used to cut her grass for a $1.00.  She would get me and other cousins in a penny poker game.  She did end up with her dollar back!  She took me bingoing and I won 25.00 , thats how I bought my first 410 shotgun.  Hey, I won $50.00 but since she paid for the bingo cards I had to fork over $25.00 to her for the short term loan.  She told me she married my grandfather for his flashy pearl handled 6 shooters.  This was after a half rack so I don't know if it was true or not.( Aunt Dollie, Any verification on that one?)  She loved guineas.Those funny looking birds that looked like some chicken from Botswana, Africa.  She dipped and liked a good stoggy.  She loved fishing.  Any flounders caught she claimed hierarchical rights, there was not arguing about that.  She taught me the fine art of eating boiled okra, boiled turnip greens, fresh cooked spinach, chicken and dumplings.  We had to part ways on the scrambled calf brain,eggs mixed.  She could ring a chickens neck better than the men.  Red river valley is what she played the most on that harp.  Lone Star and Pearl beer or availability and  I can't remember the snuff she dipped but I never saw a store bought drinking glass around the farm because the snuff came in a glass tumbler. She would take some dip out of her lip and rub it on wasp stings which were frequent occurrences at the farm house.  She had a yen for what they used to call rat cheese also.  She had a whoop and holler she did at all the party's & get together out at the farm.  Seems like she always had a dog also, like small dogs.  She liked grassed yards with a fence.  Grandpa never would allow it.  No fence and would bring the tractor in and disc the yard about twice a year.  Great for clod fights. That meant no flower garden because the hogs would root everything up After he died she finally got her grass and fence and flower beds.  I think that is where I learned to grow flowers and mow grass.  That is probably 1/1000th of what I learned from my Grandma Newman.

William (Newman, Tilley) Hutto

When I was five in Taft she would sit on the couch and have me go to the "icebox" and get her a beer.  Then another.  I would say to her, "Grandma aren't you full yet?"  She would then have me pat her tummy and say, "here that hollow sound?  I would say, "yes".  Then she would say, Well, go get me another one, that hollow sound means its not full yet!" Bill

You guys got that right.Aunt Dollie would rather fish and play poker than anything else. Of course, I remember a younger Dollie than you all. But she still was the jolly, fun loving jovial person that you describe. But, I do remember a pickett fence out at the farm, back in the forties. It ran along the drive by the row of trees and then to the S.east corner of the house. It could have been removed later. There weren't much grass in the yard as Bill stated.But enough to have an Easter Egg hunt!! Been there, done that!! It seems she didn't change any. Thanks for the rememberansces. Keep up the good work.....
Ernest Newman

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  |Seaborn NEWMAN
b.February 22, 1858-1860
d. February 09, 1925
Elias Newman
b 1810
d. abt 1864-5
Susan Nolen
b. abt 1834
Dollie Frances NEWMAN b. March 18,1899
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  |Arreny Ann Hesskew
b. January 18, 1867 
d. abt 1937
William Alexander Hesskew
b. March 13, 1811
d. October 13, 1891
Mary Ann Tronson
b. March 15, 1826
d. April 05, 1912


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