R. B. (Robert Benjamin) Hutto

Son of J.E. Hutto Sr.

Hutto's of Texas

Founder of Hutto, Texas, Williamson County

Hutto, on the highway to Taylor, was named for James Emory Hutto, (picture), a pioneer of Texas. James Emory was born in Greenville, South Carolina to John Castleberry Hutto and Nancy Holliday, May 8, 1824, and was reared on a farm in his native state. James with his family moved to Madison County Alabama where later his mother died, about 1836or 1837. James' father remarried about 1840 and when James was age 23 he moved to Texas while his father and stepmother moved to Arkansas. Up on his arrival in Texas in 1847 he engaged in farming and stock raising in Travis county. About 1855 he moved to Williamson county, settling near were Hutto has since been built. This town having been named in honor of him. Here, for 20 years, between 1855 and 1875, he was one of the wealthy cattlemen of this section of the country. He was appointed postmaster on June 27, 1877.

James Emory Hutto was in the Confederate army 3 years. The following information was copied at the state archives by the Samuel D. Saunders chapter of United Daughters of Confederacy of Georgetown [Williamson County, Texas]:

Our heritage, vol. 8, pp. 26, 29, and 40

Muster roll of G. W. Gardner' s company of Militia company of Williamson County, Texas: J. E. Hutto, 3rd Lt.

Muster roll of Captain E. H. Calhoun' s Militia company of Williamson County, Texas, organized Nov.2, 1861: J. E. Hutto, 2nd Lt. Confederate Pension Application for James Emory Hutto, page 2, page 3

It was not until after he came to this state that he was married. The lady of is choice being Miss Margaret Hughes of Alabama. They were married Sept. 6, 1849 . To this union were born 6 boys and three girls. His subsequent marriages were: Oct. 31st, 1883 to Nancy M. Jones, at the age of 55: and May 2, 1894 to Helen A. Wilder at the age of 70.

Two years after Margaret's death, Mr. Hutto, then fifty seven years of age, married Mrs. Nancy Jones. In 1885, he sold his holdings in cattle, land and home and moved to Waco where it is understood that the former Mrs. Jones had some relatives and where he planned to go into the Implement business.

He died April 29, 1914, one month and 10 days before his ninth birthday.

All about the City of Hutto Texas

Hutto became a village of note the 1876-1877. The timing of the towns growth coincided with the coming of the international-great-northern railroad line.

Hutto was robbed in 1881 by outlaws.

By 1882 the community had a store, school, and the Baptist church. In 1890, two newspapers were competing: The Hutto Enterprise and The Church Helper. Two years later a bank was started.

When the new century dawned, Hutto had two banks; the sturdy bank claiming deposits of over $80,000. There were the businesses: a bottling company, ice cream factory, four cotton gins in the vicinity, and a lumber yard. The soil was advertise as "mainly a deep dark hog wallow", which grew excellent crops. In fact, time may 3/4 of a bale to the acre. The gins output annually was the 10,000 bales of cotton.

Source on the above article Unknown

                |                  |
                +-- John Riley     + Mary HUTTO b. 6.8.1872   d.February 20, 1963
| HUTTO | m. William Thomas Brady | b. 6.12.1850 | ..............+children | m. Frances | Francis Amanda Brady, Bernard Brady,Lloye Brady | Boatright +
William Travis HUTTO b. April 29, 1873 m. Daisy Ayres McCormick | | ..........+ children Oran Hutto, Lillian Hutto, William Burnice Hutto, Beatrice Hutto | + Maggie Elizabeth Hutto 1877-1897 m. Charles Lee Flinn | | +-- James | | Emory + Albert Breckenridge HUTTO | HUTTO Jr. | b. 5-29-1892 | b. 1-8-1852   | | | | +Effie Caddie HUTTO b. 1879 m. Vollie O'Hair | William Travis +Madie HUTTO b. 3.27.1883 d. 11.6.1885 +-- HUTTO +Richard Travis HUTTO b. 4.16.1886 d. 12.18.1889 | b. 9.24.1853 +Grover HUTTO b. 1892 d. 1911 | d. 9.25.1940 +James Lloyd HUTTO b. 1895 d. 1939 | m. Amanda N. | | BERRY | | d. 11.10.1943 | | | | | +-- Charles Wesley | | HUTTO + Hardie Homer HUTTO b. 1879 d. May 1957 | b. 1.8.1852 + George Benjamin HUTTO | + Howard Charles HUTTO b. abt. 1881 | m. Mary Jane + Minnie Sue d. 3-30-82 | FLINN + Eva Mae | | James Emory | | HUTTO | | b. 5-8-1824 | | d. 4.29.1914 | | Alabama | | To Texas 1847 | | married 9.6.1849+-- Robert (R.B.) | 9 -------+ Benjamin + Willis HUTTO b 1885 Children | b 8.13.1857 + Jessie Lillian HUTTO, born May 20,l890 d. March 16, 1976 m. Henry M. Kyle Jr Margaret | d.5-1944 --+ Lillie Mae HUTTO was born in 1891 m. Sidney T. Miller of Hutto HUGHES | m. Mary Alice + Price b. March 24, 1894 | BARKER + Lady Ethel b. March 24, 1894 b. 06.19.1833 | d.15 Feb. 1943+ Bennie HUTTO b. Dec. 20, 1897 d. 3.7.1881 | | Children +-- Minetera | 6 Boys | Ellen | 3 Girls | HUTTO | | | | b. 10.17.1859 | 2nd Marriage | d. | Nancy M. Jones | | Hutto +-- Nettie | married a b Apr 7,1836 | HUTTO | BLANTON d Feb 7,1892 | b. 5-27-1862 | was living in Beaumont abt 1944 (no Children) | d. | | | 3rd Marriage | | Helen A. Wilder +-- Henry | was living in Pflugerville in 1944 b May 15, 1844 | Edward | d June 27,1914 | HUTTO | (no Children) | b. 12-3-1886 | | d. 01-19-1950 | +-- Mary | | Margaret | | HUTTO | | b. 10-3-1869 | | d. 2-22-1873 |


As has been noted elsewhere, Mr. James E. Hutto, Sr. was the first white settler in the immediate area now known as Hutto and here he and his wife, Margaret Hughes, raised a family of six sons and three daughters including Mary, the last child who died at the age of four years and is buried beside her mother in Shiloh Cemetery. It has been very difficult to establish births and deaths of the immediate descendants or J.E. and Margaret Hutto due to the fact that laws were not in effect governing these statistics until 1903.

This was some thirty to fifty years after the births of the first generation of this family and even most members of the second generation. The dates for births and deaths have therefore been found on tombstones of known individuals and their offspring who are buried in local or neighboring cemeteries.Marriage records have been somewhat more productive as a number of counties, including Williamson, date back to 1848. Since this researcher has some personal knowledge or at least some of the direct descendants of the J. E. Hutto family, these records have been very useful. Although few later day offspring are in the community and other known descendants when contacted could not give any appreciable amount of information regarding other than their own immediate families.Information regarding life, marriage, families, and burial places, together furnish the following data concerning the members of this nucleus of early settlers by the name of Hutto which formed an active part in the establishment and development of the town of the same name.

(1) John Riley Hutto was apparently the first child and was born in Travis County before the family moved to Williamson County. His birth has been established as June 12, 1850. He was married to Frances Boatright February 15, 1870 and they were known to have had two children: Mary, born June 8, 1872 and William Travis, born April 29, 1873. Mary married W. T, Brady on July 7, 1901 and they were the parents of three children: Frances, Bernard, and Lloyd. Limited research on this family has left a number of unanswered questions and all that is known is that Mary lived some thirty five years in Amarillo and the death certificate obtained showed death to have occurred there Feb. 20, 1963. William Travis married Daisy Ayres McCormick July 3, 1890 and this union produced four children: Lillian, born March 6, 1892; Oran, born Jan, 10, 1894; William Burnice, born 1895; and Beatrice, March 10, 1898. Lillian married Albert Towns, a member of another well known pioneer family and they were the parents of one daughter, Sue Towns Tucker of Georgetown and three sons who have left the local area. Lillian and Albert are buried on the lot with her father and mother in the Odd Fellows Cemetery in Georgetown. W.T. died August 24, 1954 and his wife died March 15, 1959. Albert died in 1934 and Lillian died in 1974. William Burnice, known as "Doc" in his hometown, married Alla Blanche Duren in 1920's and died without issue in Waco on December 21, 1961. Oran and Beatrice died young without marriage and are buried in the Hutto City Cemetery on the lot with their Grandfather, John R.. Hutto, who died Nov. 16, 1924 and their grandmother, who died Jan 27, 1905. John Riley had a second wife after Frances' death. She is remembered, but there was no offspring and no particulars available.

(2) James E. Hutto, Jr. is to be considered the second son of J.E. Sr. although practically no information has come to light regarding, him except that he was born in 1852 in Travis County and married Lenora (Nora) B. Bowers of Huntsville,Texas Nov. 19th, 1879 and they were the parents of at least one son, Albert Breckenridge Hutto, who was born in Hutto, Texas May 29th, 1892, and who in recent years married (in order) a widow , Mrs. Ora Bird Hutto, and Mrs. Annie Martin Swindoll. Ora died and he was divorced from Annie. No death or burial place of James Emory Hutto, Jr has been established although Nora Hutto is known to have been living in Norman, Oklahoma in 1942.

Update 1998, James appears to be buried in the Erick Cemetery, Erick, Beckham County, Oklahoma. Death date 1940.

(3) William Travis Hutto was born Sept, 24, 1853 and since this date was before the parents moved to Williamson County he should be considered as born in Travis County, He was married March 12, 1878 to Amanda N. Berry and they are known to have had three children in Williamson County: the first was a girl named Effie Caddie (1879), who married Vollie O'Hair after the family moved to Burnet County. The second was Madie, born March 27, 1883, died Nov. 6, 1885; and Richard Travis born April 16, 1886 and died Dec. 18, 1889; both of whom are buried in Shiloh Cemetery. Grover, 1892-1911 and James Lloyd, 1895-1939 were probably born in Burnet County and are buried with their parents in Cauble Cemetery at Lake Victor. W.T. died Sept.25, 1940 and Amanda Nov, 10, 1943, This W.T. was a brother or John R. who named his son for his brother and was quite confusing to the researcher as well as the fact that another W.T. Hutto was issued a marriage license in Williamson County in 1911. The latter was finally found to be a member of the Hutto Family of Bertram which are not known to be related to the Hutto,Texas family although both have been traced back to Alabama and possibly to South Carolina.

(4) The fourth child was Charles Wesley (C.W.) Hutto born in Williamson County May 20, 1855 and was married November 21, 1877 to Mary Jane Flinn.

Charles moved with to Kelso Washington in 1903 where after he passed away and his body was returned to Hutto where he was buried in the Hutto Cemetery in Hutto, Texas

Descendants of Charles Wesley Hutto

1 Charles Wesley Hutto Born: May 20, 1855 in Hutto, Williamson County, Texas d in Kelso, Washington, buried Hutto, Williamson County, Texas age at d: 63
.. +
Mary Jane "Jennie" Flinn Born: May 14, 1857 in Jackson Co. , Tn. d in Kelso, Washington age at d: 77
..... 2 child Hutto age at d:
..... 2 [1]
Hardie Homer Hutto Born: October 12, 1879 in Williamson County, Texas d in Robstown, Texas age at d: 77
......... +Edna Leah Waters Born: February 26, 1885 age at d: 54
..... *2nd Wife of [1] Hardie Homer Hutto:
......... +Dollie Frances Newman Born: March 18, 1894 in La Para, Live Oak County, Texas d in George West, Texas age at d: 76
..... 2 George Benjamin Hutto Born: January 28, 1884 in Hutto, Williamson County, Texas d in Portland, Oregon age at d: 46 est.
......... +Mary age at d:
..... 2 Charles Howard Hutto Born: January 28, 1888 in Hutto, Texas d in Hood River, Oregon age at d: 60
Went by C.H. Hutto most of the time; friends called him Howard but his name actually was Charles Howard Hutto. After moving to Ridgefield, Howard worked as a Deputy Sheriff in Clark County Washington
......... +Ida Louella Alexander Born: in Peoria, Illinois age at d:
..... 2 Minnie Sue Hutto Born: Abt. 1889 in Hutto, Texas d in Washington State age at d:
......... +James Spooner age at d:
..... 2 Eva May Hutto Born: June 13, 1891 in Williamson County, Texas d in Williamson County, Texas age at d: 0

(5) Then comes R. B. (Robert Benjamin) Hutto born in Williamson County Aug. 13, 1857 who worked probably more closely with his father than the others who went out on their own probably more quickly because of the growing family of J.E. and Margaret. Soon he, too, went on his own and after nine years he disposed of his cattle interests for some twenty five thousand dollars ($25,000.00) which was quite a handsome amount about the year 1885. At this time he invested in farm land and married Mary Alice Barker (March 13, 1885), the daughter of one Albert Barker who was the father or a family of seven in a nearby location. R.B. and Alice raised a family of three sons and three daughters. Willis the oldest was born in 1885 and was married to Miss Ora Bird Jan. 25, 1912. He died without a family in 1943, The next child was Jessie Lillian, born May 20, l890 ( SS Records reflect Jesse's BD as May 28, 1889 ) and who married to Henry M. Kyle, Jr., They had one daughter, Laferne, who alone is a direct descendant of J. E. Hutto still living in the Hutto area. ( note the date this article was written is unknown) Jessie died March 16, 1976. Lillie Mae was born in 1891 and married Sidney T. Miller April 18, 1912 and died childless in 1970. After this came the twins, Price and Lady Ethel born March 24, 1894. Lady Ethel married Dr. C. B. Lynn Sept., 19, 1916 and this marriage produced two daughters, Lady Cleo and Mary Pearl, and both we re born while their father was a practicing dentist in Hutto before moving to Austin in 1923. Lady Cleo married a Bishoff of San Antonio and had one daughter . Mary Pearl married a Knight of Gonzales, Texas. She had a daughter and a son. and three grandchildren. The girls mother died in Gonzales as Mrs. Vickers on Jan. 9, 1981 and is buried in the Masonic Cemetery there.

Price Hutto married Vera Anderson of Hutto, but this marriage did not last and there was no Hutto offspring from this member of the family. He was a veteran of World War I and died in 1964 and is buried in the Hutto City Cemetery.

Bennie was the last of the children in the R. B. Hutto family. He was born Dec. 20, 1897 and married Miss Emma "Ninky" Matthews and they increased the line by one son and two daughters before his death Aug. 28, 1951. Ben Cecil, Jr. was the son and lives/lived in San Antonio; Alice Ann married Sherman Butler and they lived in Fort Worth before her death; Emmagene lives/lived in Ft. Worth without a family and none of this family now remains in Hutto or the local area.

J. E. Hutto had two daughters who grew to adulthood.

(6) One of these was N.T. Ellen Hutto ( as identified by Hugh Davenport) or Minetara Ellen HUTTO ( as identified by other family records) who was born Oct. 17, 1859 and who married J. Sam Monday on her 20th birthday Oct. 17 1879. They had twin sons, apparently stillborn on August 31, 1886 and who are buried in the Shiloh Cemetery. Ellen died July 23, 1902 and Sam in 1910 and both are buried in the Hutto City Cemetery.

Minetera Ellen HUTTO
b. 10.17.1859

(7) Nettie Hutto was born May 27, 1862 and married John A. Blanton May 4, 1881 when she was nineteen. John Blanton followed his father-in-law, J. E. Hutto, as Postmaster at Hutto 1879-1883. Although J. A. Blanton is buried in the Hutto City Cemetery after his death in 1910, no trace of Nettie or a family was available until mention of a sister in Beaumont in the obituary of R. B. Hutto as of 1944. Upon inquiry, a death certificate showing that she had lived in Beaumont since 1902 under the name of Nettie Blanton and died there on June 30, 1945. The instrument was signed by a Willis G. Blanton indicating some kind of family at that time. Investigation was stopped with this information.

Nettie HUTTO
b. 5-27-1862

(8) Henry E. Hutto was born Dec. 3, 1866 and married Genevieve Stewart Dec. 1887. They had a daughter , Cornelia, who died unmarried in 1924. Henry died Jan. 30, 1950 and all three are buried in the Hutto City Cemetery.

Henry Edward HUTTO
b. 12-3-1886

(9) The last child of J.E. Hutto , Sr. has already reported as Mary M. Hutto born Oct. 3,1869 and died Feb. 22, 1873.

Mary Margaret HUTTO
b. 10-3-1869

Compiled by unknown researcher

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Note: There appears to be two discrepancies in relationship to J.E Hutto, the founder of Hutto Texas unresolved at this writing.

One issue was , what was the correct spelling of the middle name of James. Although some family members seemed to think it was Emery, his the State of Texas Civil War pension applications as well as that of his widow is listed as Emory. After carefully reviewing both documents, I still could not say with certainty as there is no writing on the documents clear enough to be certain.

Secondly, was he born on June 8, 1824 or May 8, 1824. Evidence seems to point to the date of 5-8-1824 as being the correct date although , I would like some additional sources to put this to rest.

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