The Parker Family

Salisbury District, Rowan County, North Carolina

The following is taken from another researcher, at this site. The content of that web site explores the Pettypool family but also reflects much information about the Parker family. The Salisbury District, Rowan County, North Carolina that Edward Parker and family resided later became Davie County, NC.

Stephen Pettypool's estate administration was recorded in Rowan County, North Carolina in 1796 by Susannah Parker. The only pre-1800 Rowan County, North Carolina land record using the name Pettypool was a 1778 land entry (15).

1778 August 5. John Van Etton, 530 acres on waters of Bear Creek, being the improvement called William Grant's old place, adjoining John Bryant, PettiPool, and George Smith and Daniel Adams' line for compliment.

Bear Creek flows into the South Yadkin River in present Davie County, North Carolina. William Grant was the brother-in-law or uncle of Daniel Boone. Two related Pettypool estates were probated in Salisbury District, Rowan County, North Carolina in 1795 and 1796, one of which was Stephen's (16).

1795 August 5. Letters of Administration on the estate of William Pettypool, dec'd granted to Susanna Parker, who qualified & gave bond with William Petman, John Weand, securities in the sum of 300.

1796 May 4. Letters of Administration on the estate of Stephen Pettypool issued to Susanna Parker who qualified & gave bond with Hugh Morgan, security in the sum of 1000.

The identity of Susannah Parker is unknown, however, she was alive in 1802 & 1803 when Stephen Pettypool's estate settlement was appealed in Salibury Superior Court. The estate properties located in Salisbury District and in the possession of William Cole, Esq., were seven slaves, Benjamin, Dinah, Sauney, Joe, Dolly, Jud[e], and Sam (17).

1802 March 19. Susannah Parker, Admx of Stephen Pettypoole vs. William Cole. On a rule to show cause why a new trial shall not be granted. On solemn argument the Court adjudges that a new trial be granted on payment of all the costs.

1803 September 19. Susannah Parker, Administratrix of Stephen Pettypoole vs. William Cole. Detinue No. 2nd. Find that the Defendant does detain within three years the negroes mentioned in the plaintiffs declaration that is to say, Dinah, of the value of one hundred fifty pounds- Benjamin of the value of two hundred pounds; Sauney of the value of two hundred pounds; Joe, of the value of two hundred pounds; Dolly of the value of two hundred pounds; Jud, of the value of two hundred pounds; and Sam, of the value of one hundred fifty pounds; and assess the plaintiffs damage to six pence and six pence cost.

In 1785 William Cole, Justice of the County Court, had been appointed the guardian of the orphans of a George Parke and his wife, Agnes Nichols (Rowan County marriage bond dated 5 February 1762, Jacob Nichols and Henry Lively, bondsmen.) (18). It is not known if there is any relationship between Agnes Nichols and William Nichols, son-in-law of Stephen and Sarah Pettypool.

1785 May 5 Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, William Cole, Esq apptd guardian of John Park, Mary Park [married 1787 Robert McKee], Agness Park, Joshua Park, Huldy Park, & Jacob Nichols Park, orphans of George Park dec'd & gave 400 bond with James McCay [McKee] security.

Susannah Parker apparently married immediately after 1803, since the 1804 powers-of-attorney in Salem County, South Carolina noted that "Mrs. Parker, widow tho now married to another name". A Susannah Parker, daughter of Edward Parker, and Thomas Hughs recorded a marriage bond on 11 November 1804 in Rowan County, North Carolina, with a Samuel Hughs as the bondsman. Edward Parker, in his Last Will and Testament dated 3 May 1819, named Thomas Hughes, husband of my daughter Susanna[h]. Edward Parker lived on Bear Creek in Davie County in 1815 (19):

1815 Rowan County, Tax List of Capt. Tabb's Compy for the Year 1815
Josiah Daniel 1 WP 1BP 300 acres adjoining Stokes Quarter
John Daniel 1 WP 1BP 189 acres [adjoining Stokes Quarter]
Zadok Daniel

Alexander Daniel 1 WP 215 acres adjoining Freeling
Drury Daniel 1 WP
St. John Freeling 1 WP 3 BP 751 acres
Bear Creek
Edward Parker 1WP 3BP 369 acres Bear Creek
Thomas Hughes 1WP 2BP 179 1/2 acres adjoining Freeling [married 1804 Susannah Parker]
Miles Parker 1 WP [married 1806 Anny Murray]
L. Peter Parker 1WP 1 BP [married 1809 Sally Hendren]
David Parker 1WP 2 BP 155 acres adjoining Forman heirs
David Parker 1 Tavern

1819 May 3 Last Will and Testament of Edward Parker. Legatees: Sons Turner S. Parker [married 1822 Betsy Daniel], Daniel, David, Will and Peter. Daughters Polly wife of William Abbot, Rebeca wife of William Wammock, Kitty wife of Moses Nelson, Patience wife of William Rousey, Betsy, and Nancy wife of William Rudsley, Thomas Hughes husband of my daughter Susanna, Shelby son of Royal Parker; executor: son Turner S. Parker; witnesses: J. A Pearson, Beal W. Hendren; probated May 1821.

1843 Davie County Tax List of Capt. Bessent's Company as taken in by N. Hall, Esquire
Wiley Daniel 1 WP
Polly Daniel 25 acres valued $50
Josiah Daniel 387 acres valued $784 1 WP
Westbrook W. Daniel 1 WP
Anderson Daniel 74 1/2 acres valued $150 1 WP [married 1839 Emaline Veatch]
Sarah Daniel 75 1/2 acres valued $151
Samuel Hughes 1 WP 1 BP
Susan Hughs 30 acres valued $100 [widow?, Thomas Hughs married 1804 Susannah Parker]
Turner S. Parker 458 acres valued $2,337 5 BP [married Betsy Daniel]
Shelby G. Parker 1 WP [married 1827 Dianitia Hughes]
E[dward]. N. Parker 1 WP
William Rowzee 60 acres valued $300 [married Patience Parker]

In addition to Edward Parker, there was a Thomas Parker (relationship to Edward is unknown) on Bear Creek. Thomas Parker and May Bostin filed a marriage bond on 9 July 1767 in Rowan County. They also had a daughter named Susannah Parker (20).

1778 Rowan County Tax List of Capt. Reed's District
William Grant
John Bryan 823-12-0
Jonathan Parker 200-0-0
John Van Eton 1438-14-0
Thomas Parker 174-2-0

1781 June 30.
Thomas Parker enters 100 acres in Rowan County on waters of Bear Creek bordering his last line, includes his barn and other parts of his improvement.

1784 March 4 James Tayler enters 150 acres in Rowan County on head waters of Bear Creek, bordering entry he bought from Samuel Sherbet and Thomas Parker's entry.

1794 February 5, Thomas Whitaker enters 200 acres in Rowan County on head of Bear Creek in fork of Yadkin River, bordering Thomas Parker and Benjamin Gaither on north side of said lands.

1794 February 5, Thomas Parker enters 100 acres in Rowan County on head waters of Bear Creek, bordering Isaac Holman, Thomas Whitaker, & his own line.

1812 January 11, Last Will and Testament of Thomas Parker. Legatees: Daughters Nancy Patrick, Edith Beck, Susannah Tharp [married Zadock Tharp 18 August 1800 James Parker, bondsman], Drusiller Brown; sons Solomon, William, Reubin [married 1795 Ruth Rutledge; Jeremiah Patrick, bondsman], James, Thomas, and Isaac [married 1809 Mary Howard]; executors: son Solomon and Johnsey Gaither; witnesses: Brice Gaither, Beal Gaither; probated 1812.

1815 Rowan County, Tax List of Capt. Pierce's Compy for the Year 1815
James Beck

St. Leger Beck Sr 200 acres
Samuel Beck 1 WP 125 acres
Acquilla Beck 175 acres
John Beck (dec'd) by Jas. Guard 1 BP 45 acres
Solomon Parker 1 WP 3 BP 190 acres
William Parker 1 WP 200 acres
William Patrick 300 acres [married 1794 Mary Jacobs, 1816 Elizabeth Hardin]

Jeremiah Patrick 1 WP 1 BP 377 acres [married ?Nancy Parker]
Thomas Parker 1 WP 150 acres [son of Thomas Parker & Mary Bostin]


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