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Quick Fix Extensions Hook n Eye Clip Waist Extenders

Metal Collar Extenders and Waist Extenders

Extend Your Trousers or Skirt 1/2" to 2"
Clip Hook n Eye Fasteners


5 Colors
Clasp on other side of photo No sewing required

No Sewing


5 Quick Fix Hook n Eye Extensions


5 CLIP Hook n Eye Clasp Extenders

Waistband Extenders

Ideal for Women and Men


  • Extend your trousers or skirt 1/2" to 2"
  • Set includes 5 different colors (black, navy, charcoal, gray, beige)
  • Available also in Buttons (search for Quick Fit Extenders - Buttons)
Quick fit Hooks give you extra room in the mid-section! If the waistband of your trousers or skirt is too tight, just attach these adjustable extenders to gain an extra 1/2" to 2". Each set includes 5 different colors (black, navy, charcoal, gray, beige). 100% cotton.

Everyone has moments when this device could come in handy! Ideal for temporary weight gain, surgery, travel or after a big meal. Just slips over existing clasp button to add 1/2 - 2 inchs.

5 Clip Quick Fit Hook Waist Extenders = $11.49 with Free Shipping 


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