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Metal Collar Extenders and Waist Extenders

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1 Metal Collar Extender, 10 Plastic Collar Extenders, 1 Waist Extender

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The "Wonder Button" by Schafer Products
Collar Extender for Shirts

"The Button" Waist Expander
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Waist Expanders
Ideal for Woman and Men
Ideal for temporary weight gain

Because of our low over head, I can sell the Wonder button at rock bottom prices. Be sure you take advantage of these great prices and tell your friends as well.

Purchase several to ensure you have an adequate supply on hand.
Tell us what you think.  We are proud of are sales record.

We will process your order and answer any questions you have promptly.

We usually ship same day. We ship US Postal Service, First Class Mail with Delivery Confirmation. 

Our Company

We have been selling the Wonder button for over 10 years on the Internet. Considering that the Internet has only come into its own in these past several years, we are proud to be one of the pioneer marketing firms in the internet marketing business.

Our Employees

Marvin Schubert is our sales manager and ensures that all operations are handled courteously, professionally and promptly. We know you'll be happy with our prompt and friendly service.

Marvin Schubert

Marvin has always gone above and beyond the call of duty. Ask him if you have any questions. Email us. or call 512 663 8964.