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Metal Collar Extenders and Waist Extenders

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6 Metal and 4 Plastic  Collar Extenders  
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Comfort Flex Collar Extenders

A Wonder Button

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We sell High Quality Collar Extenders wonder buttons, Collar Extender !
We also sell Pant and Skirt Button Extenders

Collar Expanders, Collar Extenders adds up to 1/2 size to any shirt. Use two together for more comfort.

Collar Expanders Works great!

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To Make Shirt Collars feel and fit better. Adds up to 1/2 Size



Made to Last

Nylon Strength Guard inside the Stainless Steel Spring Loop

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Rebecca Wilson
Riveria, TX

Waist Extenders
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Quick Relief
Add extra size to your shirt collar

Collar Extenders, Collar Expanders -however you wish to refer to these marvelous little devices, they are an excellent way to resolve that problem of your shirt collar being too tight. 

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