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The Beginning of The Teague Families in the South
Joshua Teague ( 1732 (?) – 1804-8 (?)
of Laurens County, South Carolina

exerpt from page 80 of Volume I "the Teague FamilyMagazine"

Joshua Teague was born in Cecil County, Md. about the year 1732, a son of William Teague and his wife Isabella, and a grandson of Edward Teague and his wife Susan.

He moved with his family to Frederick County, Va. in 1737-38 and on to North Carolina in 1751, settling on a grant of land obtained from the Earl of Grandville on May 1, 1 759. This land was situated on Abbotts Creek in Rowan County.

On March 4, 1762 he purchased 430 acres of land on Abbotts Creek from his brother Moses Teague. In July, 1762 he took Title to 310 acres of land on Cataba River that was given to him by his father and sold this land to George Clayton on April 10, 1764.

On Sept. 15, 1765, he and his wife Dorothy sold 120 acres of the Abbots Creek property to Felix Metsinger, and on April 13, 1770 they sold the 310 acres on Abbotts Creek to James Welborn.

Joshua Teague must have been quite involved in the "Regulator Movement in North Carolina, as evidenced in the Proclamation dated June 11, 1771 which reads as follows: (From the Colonial Records of North Carolina - Vol. 8)


"Whereas / have been in formed that many persons who have been concerned in the late Rebellion are desirous of submitting themselves to the Government, I do therefore give notice that every person who will come in either to mine or General Waddell's camp, lay down their arms and take the oath of Allegiance and promise to pay all taxes that are now due or may hereafter become due by them respectively and submit to the law of this Country, shall have his Majesty's most gracious and free pardon for all Treasons, Insurrections and Rebellings done or committed, on or before the 16th of May last, provided they make their submission afore said on or before the tenth of July next.

The following persons are however excluded from the benefits of this Proclamation, viz, all the outlaws, the prisoners, all those concerned in the blowing up of General Waddell's ammunition in Mecklenburg County, and the undernamed persons, to wit:

Samuel Jones Joshua Teague Samuel Waggoner
Simon Dunn, Jr. Abraham Greson Benjamin Merrill
James Wilkerson Edward Smith John Bumpas
Joseph Boring William Rankin William Robeson
John Winkler John Wilcox Jacob Felton
Thomas Persons    

Given under my hand and the Great Seal of the Province, this 11th day June, A. Dom. 1771.

Wm. Tryon

God Save the King

It will be noted from the contents of this Proclamation, that the so-called "outlaws", with the exception of Joshua Teague and 15 others, were to be given until the 1st of July, 1771 to submit "to the law of this Country", however on June 19, 1771, on a shady knoll just east of the historic town of Hilisborough, N.C., six men called "Regulators" were executed.

Today a bronze plaque commemorates this small plot of ground with this inscription:

"On this spot were hanged
By order of a Tory Court
June 19,1771
Merrill, Messer, Matter, Pugh
And two other Regulators"

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Read more at this location about Captain Benjamin Merrill who was hanged. Joshua evidently was a participant in this battle of Battle of Alamance.

Joshua Teague was not an 'outlaw' within the meaning of Governor Tryon's Proclamation. Instead, he was a Revolutionary War Patriot who almost gave his life to the cause of American Independence. He had foreseen the coming of the above events and found it necessary to seek the safety of new territory to the south, Accordingly he moved into South Carolina several months prior to the above executions and purchased two hundred acres of land in Craven County, S.C. on Jan. 29, 1771, situated on the Bush River. On Dec. 11, 1773 he purchased three hundred acres on the Little River in the same county.

(These documents follow herewith)

On July 10, 1791, he purchased 250 acres on Bush Creek in Laurens County, S.C. and it was on this land that he died, leaving a will dated May 12, 1804, naming ten of his children. This Will was proven May 2, 1808, which means that he must have died sometime between the year 1804 and 1808. A copy of the Will is included herewith, followed by a more detailed listing of the children mentioned therein.


(Mentioned in his Will)

The first seven children mentioned below were born in Rowan County, N.C.

and the last three were born in Laurens County, S.C. There were approximately

five other children of this union who died in childhood but their names, dates of birth and place of burial are not known to us. Joshua's wife Dorothy was not mentioned in his Will and this is evidence that she had passed away sometime before the date shown on his last will and testament. The exact date of Joshua's death is not known, nor his place of burial.

1. Elijah Teague born - January, 1759

Elijah Teague left a will in Laurens County, S.C. dated Oct. 2, 1824. This was proven in the Court of Ordinary on April 18, 1825. In this will the following children were mentioned: Elizabeth Hipps, Sarah McAdams, Mary Wilson, Catherine McAdams, Rebekah Teague, Robert Teague, Abner Teague, and the heirs of his son

Joshua Teague, deceased.

2. Israel Teague born - June, 1760

Sold the land that was deeded to him in the Will to Elijah Teague, Jr. on April 24,and moved to another State.

3. William Teague born - November 23, 1763 died - September 23, 1845

Moved to Wilson County, Tennessee in 1806 with his wife Elizabeth Miller and

children. (Mentioned on pages 19 & 20 of our previous issue.)

4. Abner Teague born - November 12, 1763 died - January 7, 1842

Died in Laurens County leaving a will dated Jan. 7, 1842 that mentioned the following children: Thomas, Elijah, Jesse and the widow and children of his deceased son Joshua Teague, and Emily, the wife of Godfrey.

5. Isabella Teague born - March, 1766 married - David Mason

6. James Teague born - about 1768

Died in Newberry County, S.C. leaving a will dated Jan. 20, 1816, mentioning wife Elizabeth (Williams) daughter Dorothy G. Davis, son John (Williams) Teague, son William J. Teague, and daughter Ann M. Teague.

7. Sarah Teague born about 1770 married - Win. Gray

8. Sophia Teague born about 1774 married - John Lyon Sr.

9. Mary Teague born about 1776 married - McAdams

10. Susannah Teague born about 1778 married - Major Epps

We will return with more information on the descendants of these children in a

later issue.

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Descendants of Joshua Teague

1 Joshua Teague b: Abt. 1732
.. +Dorothy Gaunt
... 2 Elijah Teague b: January 1759
... 2 Israel Teague b: June 1760
... 2
William Teague b: November 23, 1761
....... +Elizabeth Miller b: June 22, 1768
......... 3
John Carter Teague b: June 21, 1786
............. +Nancy b: 1784
......... 3 Rebecca Teague b: May 13, 1788
......... 3 Margaret Teague b: February 05, 1790
............. +Eli Donnel
......... 3 Sarah Teague b: February 05, 1790
............. +Samuel T. Clemmons
......... 3 [1] James Jefferson Teague b: February 02, 1794
............. +Rose Ann Golden
......... *2nd Wife of [1] James Jefferson Teague:
............. +Rosa A. Velvin
......... 3 Israel Teague b: Abt. 1796
............. +Unity Miller
......... 3 Elizabeth Teague b: 1798
............. +Cunningham
......... 3 Dolly Teague b: 1800
............. +Preston Henderson
......... 3 Joshua Teague b: Abt. 1801
............. +Elizabeth
......... 3 Polly Ann Teague b: Abt. 1804
............. +John Simpson
......... 3 Abner Teague b: 1806
............. +Rhody McKnight
... 2 Abner Teague b: November 12, 1763
....... +Amelia Gary
... 2 Isabella Teague b: March 1766
....... +David Mason
... 2 Rebekah Teague b: 1767
... 2 James Teague b: 1768
....... +Elizabeth Williams
......... 3 Dorothy G. Teague
......... 3 John Teague
......... 3 William J. Teague
......... 3 Ann M. Teague
... 2 Sarah Teague b: 1770
....... +William Gray
... 2 Sophia Teague b: 1774
....... + John Lyon
... 2 Mary Teague b: 1776
....... +McAdams
... 2 Susannah Teague b: 1778
....... +Major Epps

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