Opa and Oma henceforth. Opa was a funny & loving man. In his later years he walked almost everyday , in Banquete. The children waited for him. He would make scarey faces at them, and they would scream and run away, and be right back, as they knew it was a game, and most of the time there was a nickel for each of them. When I was somewhere around 5 or 6 Shirley & I were living with them on a farm, not for sure where, but the people who owned the farm were the Wetz. It was around Seguin somewhere. After dinner, while Oma was doing dishes, Opa, shirley and I would sit on the back steps, no porch, and he would sing and teach us songs in german. He knew a lot about the stars, and would point them out to us.Every Saturday Oma would make bread and coffee cake in the morning, then we would go to town for grocerys and then go to a german dance hall that evening. Opa always danced with us, and to this day I love to dance. Everyone took their children along in those days, so there were always a lot of kids to play with. They loved to dance, and did it well. I can still see them on the dance floor waltzing. Oma was a happy person, always whistling or singing. Laughed at everything. I remember her standing with her hands in dishwater, and Opa coming up behind her and patting her on the fanny, she would swat at him and giggle like a girl. Thishappened quite often. She was a wonderful cook. She made the best smothered short ribs and chicken I have every tasted. Have tried to make same, and just can't do it. Even in her later years after Opa died, she still cooked every Sunday, hoping someone would come by for dinner. This story is the funniest thing Del has ever heard, I guess, as he isi still laughing. Opa would pour chili powder in the radiator of his model A, I thought it was to keep if from freezing, Del is still laughing, I guess I don't know why he did it, but he did. This is my favorite memory. When they were in their mid to late sixties. Oma was as round as she was tall, Opa bought her a Birthday present. It was a size 12 hot pink dress with beaded trim. She never wore it of course, but she still had it when she died. That was how he saw her. Theirs was a true love story. Thelma



Ferdinand Adolph SCHUBERT Married Annie Bell BERRY

This union produced 4 children

Children: F.A. Jr., Talford Lee, Tilley, Hilbert (Bones)

Gertrude Elizabeth SCHUBERT
1 Charles Falkenburg , -----> Children: Thelma , Shirley
2 George Clearman, -----> Children: Gerald Wayne Clearman
3. James Earl (Cooney) Purser

                                   + F.A SCHUBERT Jr.        | Christopher SCHUBERT 
                +-Ferdinand Adolf |m. Madeleine Landry -----+ Mark SCHUBERT  
                |    SCHUBERT      | 3 Children              | Keith SCHUBERT
                |    b.            |                         | 
                |                  | 
                |                  + Atwka (Tilley)SCHUBERT  |John Wayne MAREZK
                |                  | m. Amil Marezk  --------+ David MAREZK 
                |                  |  4 Children             | Vivian MAREZK
                |                  |                         | Janice MAREZK
                |                  |
                |     4 Children---+       
                | m.  Annie Bell   + Talford Lee SCHUBERT  | Talford Lee SCHUBERT Jr.
                      BERRY        | b. 10-12-1925   ------+ Marvin Ray SCHUBERT
                                   | m. Dollie Mae HUTTO   | Bruce Edward SCHUBERT
                |                  |    b. 11 Nov 1924     | Richard Allen SCHUBERT
                |                  | 6 Children            | Rebecca Ann SCHUBERT
                                   |                       | Robert Rodney SCHUBERT
 August SCHUBERT|                  |  

b. 1878         |                  + Hilbert (Bones) SCHUBERT    + | Dwayne
d. 8 Aug 1951                      | b. April 04, 1927 m. March 26, 1961
2 -------+ | m. Ruthie Loveda Atkinson Children | Ida MERZ | b.8.18/21.1879 +-- Gertrude d. 1963 | Elizabeth | b 3.20.1916 | 1 Thelma FALKENBURG b. 12.28.1934 |m. 1 Charles + 1 Shirley Falkenburg b. 4.1.1937 | Falkenburg | 2 Gerald Wayne Clearman (deceased) |2 George Clearman |3 James Earl (Cooney) Purser

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