Will of
Charles Lee Flinn

No. 4159




That I, C. L. Flinn, of the County of Williamson, State

of Texas, being of sound mind and memory, do hereby make and pub-

lish this my last will and testament, hereby revoking all previous

wills and codicils hereby written by me, direct as follows:

I, C. L. Flinn, in the event of my death prior to the

death of my nurse, Viola Harris, direct:


That all of my Just debts, including funeral expenses,

be first paid out of my estate by my executor, hereinafter named,

with as little delay as possible.


I direct that the balance of my property, both real,

personal and otherwise, be divided as follows:

1. I give and bequeath to my nurse, Viola Harris, until

her death, all of the net income from my farms. It is my desire

and I also give and bequeath to my nurse, Viola Harris, my car

and all my personal and household belongings.

2. At the death of my nurse, Viola Harris, and I so

direct, all doctors and hospital bills, together with funeral ex-

penses, including a modest tombstone, be paid out of my estate

before said estate is divided among the heirs and beneficiaries

as hereinafter stated.

3. After the death of Viola Harris and the payment of

accounts and bills as hereinabove set out, I will and bequeath

sum of One Thousand Dollars ($l,000.00) to my sister, Maggie

4. I will and bequeath to Lottie Bell Hutto an amount

equal to that received, as hereinafter set out, by any nephew

or niece.

5. It is my desire and I so direct that after the above

has been paid, the balance of my estate be divided into eleven

equal parts and distributed as follows:

A. One part each to all of my living brothers and sis-

ters living at the time of' my death.

B. The remaining shares are to be divided equally

among the living children of my deceased brothers and sisters,

at the time of my death, share and share alike. It being my de-

sire, at the time of my death, the living children of my deceased

brothers and sisters are to share and share alike on a per capita

basis and not by stirps.


I hereby nominate, constitute and appoint my esteemed

friend and nephew, H. H. Hutto, sole independent executor of this,

my last will and testament, and I, having full confidence in him

and in his honesty, integrity and fair dealings, direct that no

bond or other security be required of him as executor; further,

I realize that his services, experience and knowledge, will be

of great value to my estate and I desire that he lose nothing by

his services, but he be fully compensated and I direct that he

shall receive for his services in probating this will and settling

my estate one quarter of any mineral and lease money, bonuses for

any mineral lease or leases, mineral and or oil and gas royalties,

or any receipts from any mine, minerals, oil and or gas leases,

or contracts from or off of any said land of which I may die



In the event any one of my beneficiaries hereinabove

made shall contest the probating of this will or attack any por-

tion thereof, or in any way be a part, either directly or indirect-

ly, to any legal proceedings attacking the validity of this will

or any part thereof, or seek to have said will or any provision

thereof construed in any manner different from that in which my

executor may construe same, such beneficiary or beneficiaries so

doing, shall forfeit the bequest herein made to him, her or them

and any bequest so forfeited shall revert to and become a part of

my estate.

It is my will and I direct that my executor, H. H.

Hutto, is to have a period of two years after the death of my

nurse, Viola Harris, in which to settle and finally consummate

the terms of this will.


It is my will and I direct that no other action shall

be had in the administration of my estate than to prove and record

this will and return an inventory and appraisement of my estate

and list of claims.

Witness my hand on this 4th day of August, A.D., 1952.


C. L. Flinn signed the above and foregoing will in our

presence and we, at his request and in the presence of each other,

have signed as attesting witnesses, all done this 4th day of

August, A.D., 1942.



Attesting Witnesses


Filed Jul. 16, 1945

C. 0. Beaver, Co. Clerk.

0 _ _ _ _ 0


COUNTY OF WILLIAMSON,) I, C. 0. Beaver, County Clerk in and

for Williamson County, Texas, do here

by certify that the above and foregoing is a true and correct

copy of LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT, in Cause No. 4159, ESTATE OF

C. L. FLINN, DECEASED,as the same appears now of record in

Volume 61 on page 537, PROBATE RECORDS of Williamson County,


TO CERTIFY WHICH, Witness my hand and official seal

at Georgtown, Texas, this the 7th day of August, 1945.

C. 0. Beaver, County Clerk in and for

Williamson County, Texas.

BY s/ E.L. Goeruen _ _ _ _ _ Deputy

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