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Purchase Collar Expander and Skirt / Pants Expanders
Collar and Pants Expanders
Pants and Collar Expanders
Collar and Pants Expanders
Both items available below

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3 Metal Collar Expanders = $12.49 -  Free Shipping

10 Metal Collar Expanders = $24.00 with Free Shipping

20 Metal Collar Expanders @ $1.99 each = $.39.80
Free Shipping

4 Pants and Skirt Expanders "The Button" $12.49 - Free Shipping
Virtually Indestructible

Popular Order - "The Button"  4 'The Button' Pant/Skirt Expanders and 3 Metal Collar Extenders, and 5 Plastic Collar Extenders, for $24.49 - Free Shipping in U.S
            We Recommend "The Button"

2 "Collins" and 1 "The Button" Pants/Skirt Expanders  for $13.50 - Free Shipping- Spring encases a nylon strand.


If you prefer Priority Mail Shipping, Add $5.85


2 Metal and 10 Plastic  Collar Extenders  
12 Total   $12.49
Free Shipping

Free Shipping First Class Mail. Generally we ship same day or next work day. We ship with DELIVERY CONFIRMATION, NO EXTRA CHARGE!

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Use our Shopping Cart to your left

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"The Button" Plastic Pants and Skirt Buttons

We Recommend the above "The Button" over the "Collins" for strength and durability

collins.gif (69886 bytes)
Pants/Skirt Extender by "Collins"
The spring encases a nylon strand

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