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Pant , Skirt and Collar Extenders


 Ideal for Women and Men

Feel More Relaxed In An Instant!!

Everyone has moments when this device could come in handy! Ideal for temporary weight gain, surgery, travel or after a big meal. Just slips over existing button to add one inch.

Gives Added Comfort from Tight Pants and Skirts
Fits in Seconds No Sewing Required

3 Metal  Pants/Skirt Expanders and 1 of "The Button" Plastic Pant/Skirt  for $11.49 - Free Shipping in U.S.






EZ Pant Waist Extender

Click Photo for more information on the Quick Fitting Pant Waist Extender

5 Quick Fitting Pant Extenders
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We also sell Collar Extenders

3 Metal Collar Expanders = $10.49 - Free Shipping U.S.

10 Metal Collar Expanders = $14.00 with Free Shipping in U.S.

Metal Collar Extender
adds a size to your shirt collar

Metal Collar Expander

Made to Last

You can own thi exclusive wonder button with Nylon Strength Guard inside the Stainless Steel Spring Loop
Feel More Relaxed In An Instant!!

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