Wonder Button, Collar Expander

Works Great!

Collar Extender adds up to 1/2 size to any shirt.

Wonder Button, Collar Expander Works great!

Sold in Department stores for as much as $5.00
Save Now


To Make Shirt Collars feel and fit better. Adds up to 1/2 Size



Lifetime Guarantee from Manufacturer

Made to Last
You can own the exclusive Wonder Button with Nylon Strength Guard inside the Stainless Steel Spring Loop

for only

Wonder Buttons
for as little as $2.50
Made in the USA
By American Labor

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Wonder Button, Collar Extender, Collar Expander, how ever you wish to refer to these marvelous little devices, they are an excellent way to resolve that problem of your shirt collar being too tight.

Remember, Why buy a new Wardrobe? When $2.50 will resolve your problem. This Ad will SAVE YOU MONEY!

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I have even used 2 collar extenders strung together to provide even greater comfort. You only live once so be comfortable!!

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If you have comments about the wonder button, collar extender , or collar expander contact sales@collarexpander.com

Purchase via Secured Credit Card | or Mail Orders here and now!

Hundreds of satisfied customers have ordered the Wonder Button. We have been in business for 4 years. You can count on us to deliver your requests promptly and timely. Order yours today. $10.00 dollars buys you 4 collar extenders. Others charge as much as 5.00 dollars just for shipping. If you are not satisfied with the product after receipt, return it for a full refund.

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