Travis' Appeal for Aid at the Alamo- Texas

Travis' Appeal for Aid at the Alamo
24 February 1836



Travis Letter from Alamo 1836 $11.99 Free Shipping  16x13 1/2 inches mailed in a protective mailing tube

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"To the People of Texas and all Americans in the World—Victory or Death"

February 23, 1836 - General's Santa Anna troops move into San Antonio. Colonel Travis and garrison move into Alamo. Two scouts (Sutherland and Smith) are sent to Gonzales with appeal for assistance. Santa Anna demands for surrender. Travis answers with a 18-pounder shot.

February 24, 1836 - Travis' Letter - Read it here

• Col. William Travis commanded Texas in the legendary Battle of the Alamo where Davy Crockett, James Bowie after a 13 days siege of 2,000 Mexicans, 189 Heroes had offered their lives to insure the freedom of Texas.

• Travis wrote this plea for help just after Mexican forces had started bombarding the Alamo

• The first great Document in Texas History and the beginning of the Republic of Texas.

Reproduced on antiqued parchment that looks and feels old.

Thirteen Days of Glory

The Siege of the Alamo

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