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We sell the Wonder Button  to expand those tight collars.  And the Pant and Skirt Button to help with those tight pant and skirts.

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Wonder Button, Collar Expanders,
Collar Extender adds up to 1/2 size
to any shirt.

The Wonder Button
adds 1/2 shirt size to your shirt

3 Collar Expanders = $12.49 
Free Shipping in U.S. and International

10 Collar Expanders @ $2.40 each 
$24.00 with Free Shipping in U.S. and International


Lifetime Guarantee from

Made to Last



4 of "The Button"  Pants or Skirt Expanders for $12.49

Just slips over existing button to add one inch.


Virtually Indestructible
 Free Shipping in U.S and Internationally.


We Recommend this Product
over the Collins product Below! While we sell the Collins, We believe this is the best product on the market and its reasonable priced.

" The Button"


Great for Jeans

A Great Product for Jeans,
Skirts and Pants 
Free Shipping


Made by Collins
Collins Pant and Skirt Expander

Welcome to relief!


Collins Pants and Skirt Waist Expanders

Spring encases a nylon strand. Gives added comfort from tight pants and skirts. Fits in seconds. No sewing required. Hides under your belt.

2 Collins Pants or Skirt Expanders for $13.50 - Free Shipping in U.S. and Internationally


Generally Same Day Shipping



While We ship USPS First Class Mail for free.
If you prefer Priority Mail Shipping, Add $4.85



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Buy the Wonder Button and save money.  Don't buy a new wardrobe, just snap on the Wonder button and Save your money.

We sell the Pants / Skirt Extender! Both products , the Collar Extender and Pants Extender are reasonable priced with no shipping cost!

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