Newman Reunion

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Third Saturday in June

Hey everyone.....its reunion time once again. It will be at Taft Texas at the Kiva Hut same place same time...3rd sat in June...June 17, 2006 Lets try and have a huge turn out. Don't forget to bring our favorite dishes and we can all enjoy what C.R. likes the best...eating :-) The maining reminders will go out this week in the mail. This year I am bring two surprises..pig in a poke for the auction. Bring a craft item if you can and we'll have a load of fun!!!!!Will someone please try to remember to bring a set of dominos..sure miss playing 42.... If your mailing address has changed or a member of your family has moved give them a call or send their phone# to me and i'll try my best to call em.Oh did I forget to tell you Sandy and I have a new grand baby? well we do . If Dawn can't come with us we may just have to kid knapp Nicky and bring her ourselfs.OK let pack up the babys and old ladys,uncles.aunts,& cousins for a great time.See you all next month. BUBBA Barnes My email address is so you might want to shoot me an email with your current address so I can check my files to make sure we have everyone. again,thanks

Seab and Arreny Ann (Hesskew) Newman