Roll of Miss. Soldiers, War of 1812, Dept. of Archive and Hist. Jackson, Miss.)

Taken from History of Amite County, MS

Amite County Soldiers serving in Lt. Col. David Neilson's attachment of Militia. Col. Neilson was from Amite County and the soldiers from his Unit listed below resided in Amite County.

Jos. Adams
Ephraim Anderson
Henry Anderson, Ensign
Robt. C. Anderson, Sgt.
Wm. Anderson, Cpl.
Phillip R. Street, Sgt.
Wm. R. Strong
Isham Arnold
Richard Arnold
John Ashly
Wm. Austin
John Barns
Jeremiah Bass
Adam Beard
Jesse Bowling
Geo. Brister
John Brown
Jos. Brown
Lampkin W. Brown
Wm. Brown
Wm. Brown
John Burton 3rd Lt
Henry Butler
Stephen Calcoat
John Kizer
John Knox, Cpl.
Wm. D. Love
Wm. A. Lucus Capt.
John McAllister
Daniel McCoy, Cpl.
Jesse McCoy
John Montgomery
James Moore
Jesse Moore
John Moore
Wm. Moore
David Neilson, Lt. Col.
Hezekiah Newman
Julius Nichols
David Parker
Rich. Chaddick
John Collins
David Cook
David T. W. Cook Capt.
Peter Curry
Rich, Curtis
David Day
Robert Day
David Dunn
John Everett
Wm. Gardner
John Hall
Henry Harkness
James Harrell, 1st Lt.
Wm. Herbert, Cpl.
Hezekiah (Servant - negro)
Isaac Hickman
Wm. Hickman
James Hicks
James Henson, Sgt.
Henry House
Win. Jones
Wm. Jones
Cade L. Kennedy
Thos. Reynolds
Jesse Rice
Jos. Saunders
John Shrophire
Wm. Sibley
James Smith
Thos. Smith
James Steel, Sgt.
Wm. Stewart
Wm. Tillery
Tony (negro — waiter)
Cornelius Van Houston, Sgt.
Howell Wall
Robert Webber
Isaac Whittaker
James Whittington
John Wright, Cpl.

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