An Exerpt from the book
by Nell Shepperd Kauffman

NANCY COCKERHAM (ca 1803-1843), dau of David and Jane Demarius (Chaddick) Cockerham, was born ca 1803, probably in Barnwell Dist, S.C. On 29 April 1823 she married Hezekiah Newman (b 1783, GA), as his second wife, in Amite Co., MS.
1st wife of Hezekiah ,Deborah Dupree 1788 - ......... 2 Elias Newman 1810 - 1865 ......... 2 Benjamin Newman 1813 -

Known issue:of Hezekiah and Nancy Cockerham

i. Solomon, b 1824

ii. James, b 1826

iii. Elizabeth, b 1830

iv. Hezekiah, b 25 Jan 1832; died young

v. Seaborn, b 1834

vi. Silas, b 1834

vii. Martin Van Buren, b 1838

Hezekiah was a sucessful farmer,in Amite Co for many years rasing 9 children. He apparently lived in peace with his neighbors and relatives as he did not appear in the books of Final Judgements as suing or being sued for "trespass" which seemed to cover everything from theft to bodily assault. He first appeared on the Amite County Tax Rolls in 1811. He served as a private in the War of 1812 in Lieut. Col. Neilson's Detachment Mississippi Militia in Capt. William A Lucas' Company.

This family appeared on the 1830 Amite Co, Ms census, p 40:

Hezekiah Newman 1 M 40-50 1F 20-30
1 M 30-40 1F -5
1 M 15-20
1 M 10-15
1 M 5-10
1 M -5

In 1833 when the canvass was made by the Amite and Florida Auxiliary Bible Society for the purpose of ascertaining all families "...of Amite County who are destitute each of a full copy of the holy scriptures..." in Captain Lea's beat, Thomas Tarver, Hezekiah Newman, Thomas Cockerham and Abram Rushing. 31

In Jan of 1849, Seaborn Newman, Silas Newman and Elizabeth Newman, minors over the age of 14, and their father Hezekiah Newman having waived his rights, asked that the Court appoint James Eubanks their guardian.32 On the same day, James H. Lowry appointed James Eubanks Guardian of minors Seaborn Silas, Elizabeth and Martin Newman, their petition showing "they are minors more than fourteen years of age and sons and daughter of Hezekiah Newman...they are heirs at Law of the Estate of David Cockerham Decd., late of the State of Louisiana

.... Bond was set at $400, Geo F. Webb, Bondsman.33 No records were located to show whether this resulted in any benefit to the minors of Nancy (Cockerham) Newman.

Nancy (Cockerham) Newman died at her home on 21 Oct l843. 34 Hezekiah Newman died 3 December l85O. 35 Their place of burial is unknown. They were probably buried in unmarked graves in the old Cockerham Cemetery in Amite County.

On 10 December 1850, James Eubanks applied for letters of Adm. on the estate of Hezekiah Newman deceased; Adm. was granted. Bond set at $400, James Cockerham and Davie Myers Bondsmen. Appraisers were appointed and the court ordered the Adm. advertise for all persons having claims against the estate of 36 Hezekiah Newman to present them. On 17 Dec 1850 James Eubanks was granted permission to sell on a credit of six months the perishable property of the estate. Several claims were presented and allowed.37 On 20 Jan 1852 Solomon Newman petitioned the court for letters of guardianship of minors Silas Newman and Martin Newman. Letters of Gardenship were approved, bond set at $300, James Eubanks and William G. Davis, Bondsmen.

Solomon Newman (1824-1860), oldest child of Hezekiah and Nancy (Cockerham) Newman, was born 22 June 1824, Amite Co. MS. In the 1850 Pike Co., MS census, Solomon was enumerated in the home of his cousin Elijah L. Tarver (#344), age 26 - teacher-born MS. He later became a Methodist minister. On 7 Nov 1854 he married Mary Jane Rials (b 15 May 1836) in Marion Co., MS.39 Issue:40

15211 i. George Washington, b 1857; m Kate Dunnaway
15212 ii. James Martin, b 10 May 1860; m Laura E. Beard
After the death of their Father, Solomon Newman was Gardian of (Page 216)his minor brothers Silas and Martin. In 1859 he made application for bounty land for these minors and also for minor Seaborn Newman on the service of Hezekiah Newman in the War of 1812.

Solomon Newman died 17 May 1860; his family was enumerated in the 1860 Lawrence Co. MS census, p 50:

#857-858 Mary Newman 21 F
George 5 M
James 2 M

On 30 Dec 1868 Mary Jane (Rials) Newman married (2) Samuel A. Clarke.

James Newman (1826-1884), second child of Hezekiah and Nancy (Cockerham) Newman, was born in Amite Co., MS on 27 Dec 1826.

On 114 May 1849 he married Penelope Eloisa Davis (b 13 Dec 1835), dau of Zias and Martha Ann (Ratcliff) Davis, in Copiah Co., MS.41 Issue:42

15221 i. Samuel, b 29 July 1853; d infancy
+15222 ii. William Mullins, b 1856
+15223 iii. Ozias Davis, b 1858
+152214 iv. Joseph Bogan, b 1861
+15225 v. Martha Caroline "Carrie", b 1864
+15226 vi. John Silas, b 1866
+15227 vii. Hezekiah Benjamin, b 1869
+15228 viii. James Charles, b 1872
+15229 ix. Pearla Clara, b 1874
+1522(10) x. Myrtis Emma, b 1877

James Newman served in the Mexican War as a private in Capt Crowson's Batttn, Miss. Rifles. He enrolled on 25 Oct 1847 at Liberty and was mustered out on 28 June l848.43

There is nothing to indicate that the family of Hezekiah Newman was religious and was associated with any religious denomination. The Davis family into which James married was staunch Baptists. Several years after his marriage to "Lozia" Davis, James united with the New Providence Baptist (Thurch in Copiah Co. He attended the Mississippi College session of 1857-1858 in preparation for the ministry and was ordained at Bethany Church in Copiah County in 1858.

James Newman was pastor at several churches in Copiah County; later he came into Amite County where he served East Fork, Mars Hill, New Providence, Zion Hill and Mt Vernon. He continued to farm as well as serve as pastor for various Baptist Churches. This family was never even moderately "well to do"; James was apparently a much more effective preacher than farmer.

This family was enumerated in the 1880 Amite Co, MS census, Beat 4, p 3, June 4 1880:

Newman, James 52 M Farmer MS Ga. MS

P.E. wife 44 F MS MS MS
John son 12 M Labor
Bennie son 10 M
James son 8 M
Perler dau 6 F
Mertis dau 2 F
Joe ____ son 18 M Labor m in yr.
Dora__ d-law 15 F
Hurst, Sam servant 16 M
Ogle, Margaret bo 54 F wid

In Dec of 1880, they, along with several families from that area of Mississippi, moved to east central Texas. It(page 219) was bitterly cold when they got off the train at Kosse, Limestone Co, TX. Times were hard all over Texas during the 1880's and all the males able to work did odd jobs at anything which paid until they could get settled. They lived for a short while at Heads Prairie Community near Kosse, then they settled at Pleasant Grove Community near the small town of Thornton, just north of Kosse. James had bought a small farm ( 73 1/2 acres) in 1882. His brother, S. T. Newman of Dallas, was his security. According to Grady W. Newman in 1970, this S. T. was one of the twins, thought to have been Silas. This land was covered with mesquite trees and the small farm hardly produced enough for the family to subsist comfortably. James built a house on this farm; this became "the home place" in which the Joe B. Newmans lived until their deaths.

James Newman's health was not very good during those last years. His sons made the crops in 1883 and 188k. During these hard times, James Newman continued to preach at nearby churches. He was bothered with asthma; in November of 188k, he, Lozia and the two young sons John and James, set out to find a climate more suitable for him. The plans were that should they find a hospitable climate, the family would move there. Their first stop was at Clifton, TX. James had been invited by a Mr. Marion Kell of Clifton to preach the evening service at his church and to stay in his home while in Clifton. James preached at the evening service at the Clifton Baptist Church on November 9, 1884. He suffered a heart attack after retiring in the Kell home and died almost immediately. Mr. Kell, whom the Newmans had known in Mississippi, provided a burial plot near his own family plot and helped Lozia with all the arrangements. In the summer of 1894, Penelope E. sent a monument for James' grave from MS to TX. The Newmans who lived near Thornton were to erect it on the grave at Clifton. Ben, age 6, grandson of James and Lozia, was allowed to go along and remembers the trip as an exciting excursion.45

James Newman was not a tall man; he was 5' 7" tall, of medium build, had a medium light complexion, blue eyes and brown hair. Many persons interviewed in 1969 and 1970 remember Lozia as a tall woman with a beautiful creamy skin, large dark blue eyes, dark brown brows, lashes and hair, with a proud bearing. Many times during their married life, she was left at home to care for the family when James went off to preach. From all accounts of those who remembered her, she was more than equal to the task.

After the death of James, Lozia continued to live in the Pleasant Grove Community near Thornton for several years. When her 13-year old daughter, Pearla Clara, married in 1888, Lozia was disappointed and furious. She packed her bags and boxes, gathered up her married youngsters and moved back to Mississippi.

The farm was finally paid off and on 8 May 1891, S. T. Newman of Dallas Co., TX released the land to the heirs of James Newman.46 Lozia had applied for and received a pension for James' service in the Mexican War. In 1896, from Amite County, MS, "Penelope E. Newman a feme Sole and wife of James Newman deceased, of Amite County, for the sum of one dollar paid to me by W. M. Newman, 0. D. Newman, J. B. Newman, Carrie Honea, J. S. Newman, P. C. Foster, J. C. Newman and Nyrtis Newman, they being my beloved children.....'t deeded the two tracts to her children.

Being a lady with independent means, she came and went as she pleased. She went to two World Fairs before she died. She visited her various children from time, prodding them and their families into unaccustomed activity and as much "gentility" and gracious as could be managed on their generally low incomes. She died 23 Nov 1916 in Amite Co, MS after a few days illness and is buried in Richard Bates Cern, Amite Co, MS.

1523 Elizabeth Newman (1850- ), only dau of Hezekiah and Nancy (Cockerham) Newman, was born 15 Aug 1850 in Amite Co, MS The story of Elizabeth has come down through James’ children. He told them that Elizabeth became engaged to marry a Mr. Duck. Her young unmarried brothers had not liked Mr. Duck; they were orphans and probably could not have liked any man who wanted to marry Elizabeth. They would tease her by waddling around the house, flapping their arms and making quaking sounds. She married Mr. Duck, moved to Texas soon after and has not been heard from again A J. E. Newman (bride) married L. W. Duck on 10 Aug 1853 in Amite 00, MS; this may have been this Elizabeth Newman.

1525 Seaborn Newman (twin), son of Hezekiah and Nancy (Cocker— ham) Newman, was born 17 Aug 1834 in Amite 00, MS. One Seaborn Newman married Elizabeth Purser 19 Dec 1861 in Copiah 00, MS,115 probably this Seaborn.

1526 Silas Newman (twin), son of Hezekiah and Nancy (Cockerham) Newman, was born 17 Aug 1834 in Amite 00, MS. One Silas Newman married Laura A. Graves 6 June 1861 in Copiah Co, MS,l16 probably this Silas.

This editor plans further research on Elizabeth, Sea-born and Silas Newman.]

1527 Martin Van Buren Newman (1833—1920), youngest child of


Co, MS. He served in the Confederate Army in Company E, 22nd Miss. Infantry. He entered the Jefferson Davis Beajvoir Mem— oria]. Home for Confederate soldiers on 14 Dec 1917 at the age of 79 years. He died there in 1920. He is reported to have been an intelligent and well—read man. He never married.

Pickback up of James Decendants

15222 William Mullen Newman (1856-1952), son of James and Penelope E. (Davis) Newman, was born in Copiah Co, MS 27 Jan 1856. On 16 Oct 1879 he married Rebecca Elizabeth Robinson (b 23 Feb 1859) in Amite Co, MS. 48 Issue:

+152221 i. Mary Penelope, b 1882
152222 ii. James Lawrence, b 12 June 1884; d 1931; a Jessie Berry Dec 1913. had one son m (2) Camille Cummings Newman (Page 222)
152223 iii. William Eugene, b 7 Feb 1886; m Camille
Fargot Cummins; no issue (div); d 3
Nov 1973; bur Liberty Cern, Amite Co, MS
152224 iv. Bessie, b 17 Aug 1888; d 10 July 1953;
m Charles J. Thomas (b 1 Nov 1877; d
15 Nov 1936); both bur Robinson Bap
Ch Cern, Amite Co, MS
152225 v. Etta Mae, b 11 Aug 1890; d 13 Aug 1977;
m Will F. Ditto (b 26 Oct 1880; d 22
Mch 1965) in Dec 1907, Amite Co. MS;
both bur East Fork Bap Oh Cern
152226 vi. Carey M., b 2 Dec 1892; d 25 Oct 1923;
m Ludie Newman (b 6 Nov 1883; d 15
Feb 1947), no relation; both bur
Richard Bates Cern, Axnite 00, MS
152227 vii. Irene, b 1903; m Hobson Kenna; lives

Jackson, MS 1985

William Mullins Newman ("Uncle Billy") and Rebecca

Robinson Newan celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary, as did his brother Ozias D. and his wife. On their 50th Wedding Anniversary they had a big celebration attended by their respective brothers, sisters, children and grandchildren.

William Mullins Newman lived to be 96 years old. He

died in November of 1952 in McComb, Pike Co, MS. The date of the death of Rebecca Elizabeth (Robinson) Newman is not known.

ne- 152221 Mary Penelope Newman (1882-1981), first child of Wm.

Mullins and Rebecca E. (Robinson) Newman, was born in Amite

b County 27 Nov 1882. On 23 Sept 1900 she married George Roddy

Smith (b 10 Nov 1874), son of Langdon Quinn and Cornelis C.


+1522213 iii. Avis Neville, b 1907

+152221k iv. George Roddy Jr., b 1913

George Roddy and Mary P. (Newman) Smith lived in Amite Co., MS for some years. They were active members of the Mt. Vernon Baptist Church in SE Amite county. George Roddy Smith died 20 Mch 1948 and is buried in the Lea Cemetery near Gills-burg. Mary and part of her children lived near Kentwood, LA. Amelia Lea and George Roddy Jr. still live there. - Mary P. (Newman) Smith died 5 Nov 1981. Her obituary and a picture appeared in the Thursday, Nov 12 1981 edition of "The Kentwood

Ledger": "PIP", Beloved Resident...

....dies at age 98


Mrs. Mary Newman Smith, 98, widow of George P. Smith Sr., died Wednesday night at the residence of her son in Greenlaw. She would have been 99 on November 27, having been born November 27, 1882. "Pip", as she was known by all her family, was Greenlaw's oldest resident, and was a charter member of Greenlaw Baptist Church of which she was a member on her passing.

"Pip" was in apparent good health having visited her son-in-law and a grandson and grand-daughter on Sunday before her death.

Services were held at 10:30 a.m., Saturday in McKneely

Chapel in Kentwood. Her grandson, Dr. Rod Smith, Randy

Hales and Dr. Ben Purvis officiated at her services.

Burial was in Lea Cemetery, west of Gillsburg.

She is survived by a daughter, Amelia Smith, a son George P. Smith Jr. of Kentwood, and a sister, Mrs. Irene Kenna of Jackson, Miss., seven grandchildren, 19 great grandchildren and 13 great great grandchildren. She was preceded in death by her husband and two daughters, Mrs. Trudy Wall and Mrs. Aris Fox."


and Mary P. (Newman) Smith, was born 13 Nov 1902. She married Clifford Lowry Wall, a farmer of Amite County. Issue, all born Amite Co, MS:53

15222111 i. Selrna Amelia, b 22 Aug 1921; m Hubert

Wilson issue:

152221111 i. Hubert Michael, b 17 June 1943

152221112 ii. Wm.. Terry, b 9 Jan 1945

152221113 iii. Marilyn Glo, b 22 Nov 1950

15222112 ii. Clifford Kelly, b 11 Oct 1923

15222113 iii. Avis Jean, b 23 Dec 1929; m Therolyn E.

Bean; issue:

152221131 i. Sabrina Lean, b 20 Jan 1955

152221132 ii. Rosana, b 11 Apr 1969

Gertrude Toler (Smith) Wall died 28 Feb 1981 and is buried in Lea Cemetery, Amite Co, MS

1522212 Amelia Lea Smith, dau of Geo. Roddy and Mary Penelope (Newman) Smith, was born 11 Feb 1904. She has had an interesting and active life. She was in the automobile business for sixteen years. In August of 1942 she enlisted in the Wornens Army Corp, in the Motor Transportation division. She was promoted to Captain before the end of WW II. After the war was over, she operated a dairy near Kentwood, La. for some years. She lives near Kentwood just a few miles from her brother and sister-in-law.

(Page 225)

15222131 i. Lowry Smith Jr., b 28 Jan 1941

15222132 ii. Frank Mann, b 26 Apr 1942

Avis Neville (Smith) Fox died 17 May 1981 and is buried in Lea Cemetery, Amite Co., MS.

1522214 George Roddv Smith Jr., son of George R. and Mary P.

(Newman) Smith, was born 31 Oct 1913, Amite Co. He married

Myrtle Risher (b 11 May 1917). Issue:55

15222141 i. Fran Risher, b 29 Aug 1937; m Riley F. Clark Jr. in DeRidder, La. Issue:

152221411 i. Riley Keith, b 13 Dec 1958

152221412 ii. Constance Risher, b 9 Feb 1961

152221413 iii. Steven Kerry, b 3 Apr 1964

152221414 iv. Krista Lea, b 23 Apr 1968


15222142 ii. George Roddy Smith III, son of George R. Smith Jr. and Myrtle Risher, married

Vivian Jo Brian. Issue:

152221421 i. Theresa Ann, b 27 Feb 1964
152221422 ii. Stephanie Lynn, b 3 Oct 1967
152221423 iii. Cordelia Risher, b 9 June 1971

George Roddy Smith III obtained his PHD and is a Baptist minister. George Roddy Smith Jr. and Myrtle (Risher) live near Kentwood, La.

15223 Ozias Davis Newman (1858-1939), third son of James and Penelope E. (Davis) Newman, was born in Copiah Co, MS, on 13 Nov 1858. On 4 Jan 1876 he married Verona Jane "Ronie" Sharp

(b June 1853) in Amite Co.56 Issue:57

152231 i. Minnie, b 1877; d 1963; m (1) D. Wm. Ely 25 Nov 1895; m (2) W. Johnson

(Page 226)

  +152232 ii. Mabel Claire, b 1879

+152233 iii. William Crawford, b 1881

+152234 iv. James Albert, b 1883

+152235 v. Pinkie Davis, b 1886

+152236 vi. Thomas Benjamin, b 1889

Ozias Davis and "Ronie" Newman came into Limestone Co., TX with his parents and their family but did not stay long. After only a year or so they went back to Amite Co., MS and remained there, farming. The Texas nephews, after they were grown, occasionally went to visit the Mississippi uncles and aunts. Uncle Zias and Aunt Ronie always had the welcome mat out and the Texas Newman. boys thought them lots of fun. Zias and Ronie (Sharp) Newman had been married 61 years when she died; they lived and died in the East Fork Community of Amite County.

Verona Jane (Sharp) Newman died 19 May 1937; Ozias Davis Newman died 20 Jan 1939. They are buried in the East Fork Baptist Church Cemetery, Amite Co., MS

152232 Mabel Claire Newman (1879-1965), second child of Ozias D. and Verona (Sharp) Newman, was born 5 Sept 1879 in Amite Co. On 24 Dec 1898 she married Marshall Hughey in Amite Co.58

Issue: 59 1522321

 Mabel Claire

i. Audrey E., b 1899; d 1959; m Ruby; both bur East Fork Bap Ch Cem, Amite Co

ii. Doll, b 1 Feb 1901; M Jack C. Cleveland (b 1891; d 1971). He bur East Fork Cem

iii. Bernice

iv. M. Davis, b 1907-d 1953; bur East Fork Gem

v. Willie Mae

vi. Carl B. "Pete", b 24 Nov 1914; d June 1980; bur East Fork Cem, Amite Co.MS

Mabel Claire ( Newman) Hughey died 18 April 1965, Marshall Hughey (page 227)died 3 March 1935. Both buried in East Fork Baptist Church Cem.

152233 William Crawford Newman (1881-1936), son of Ozias Davis and Verona J. (Sharp) Newman, was born near Thornton, Limestone Co., TX on 1 July 1881. On 21 Oct 1908 he married Julia Cox Cb 6 Nov 1880). Issue:6O

1522331 i. Lamar Bunyard, b 2 Nov 1862; d 10 Feb of

spinal Menengitus; bur Hollywood Cem.

1522332 ii. Will Davis, b 11 Dec 1909; m Lorena Brister. He d 5 Nov 1967, bur Hollywood Cem, McComb, Pike Co., MS

1522333 iii. Paul M; m Beryl

1522334 iv. Everett; m Jamie Mashburn


152234 James Albert Newman (1883-1973), son off Ozias Davis and Verona J. (Sharp) Newman, was born 27 Nov 1883 in Amite Co. On 16 Jan 1908 he married (1) Lorena Campbell (b 12 Nov 1891).6l


1522341 i. Lloyd T., b 5 May 1909; d 30 June 1956;

m Doris Nunnery (b 13 Nov 1916); he bur

East Fork Bap Ch Cem, Amite Co, MS

1522342 ii. Hilton Z., b 15 Nov 1911; d 25 May 1977;

m Mattie Lee Hewitt (b 15 Oct 1923). He

bur East Fork Bap Church Cemetery

1522343 iii. Hilda; m. Charles Kinebrew

1522344 iv. James Clyde, b 1913; d 1914; bur East Fork

Bap Church Cem, Amite Co, MS

Lorena (Campbell) Newman died 24 Apr 1914 and is buried East Fork Bap Church Cem. James Albert Newman married (2) Luna Garner (b 10 July 1889). Issue:

1522345 v. Lillian

1522346 vi. James Louis, b 20 Jan 1921; d 27 Sept 1958; bur East Fork Bap Church Cem

1522347 vii. Catherine, m Lester Jenkins

1522348 viii. Lane

 Page 228


James Albert Newman died 18 April 1973; Luna (Garner) Newman

died 19 Feb 1974. Both are buried in East Fork Baptist Church

Cemetery, Amite Co., MS.

152235 Pinkie Davis Newman (1886-1965), dau of Ozias Davis and

Verona J. (Sharp) Newman, was born 23 Aug 1886 in Amite Co,;MS.

She married (1) James Monroe Holmes 19 June 1904, Amite Co.63


1522351 i. Jimmie Davis, b 31 Mch 1905; rn Dr. S.

Kelly Ward 12 May 1946 in Baton Rouge,

LA. She living Baton Rouge 1970.

After the death of James M. Holmes, Pinkie Davis (Newman) Holmes married (2) Martin Trentham Causey. Issue:

1522352 ii. Mamie May, m Angelo Givens

1522353 iii. Martin Trentham Jr., b 26 Dec 1913; m Agnes Burris April 1947

1522354 iv. Eileen Verona, b 26 Feb 1925; m James Ed-. ward Bachemin in 1947. Issue:

15223541 i. Janeth Ann, b 30 Jan 1949
15223542 ii. Marsha Lynn, b 24 Apr 1950
15223543 iii. Eileen Dey, b 20 July 1953
15223544 iv. James Edward Jr., b 1 Aug 1955

Pinkie Davis (Newman) Holmes Causey died 3 Aug 1965; the date of the death of Martin Trentham Causey is unknown, as is their place of burial.

152236 Thomas Benjamin Newman (1889-1969), son of Ozias Davis and Verona J. (Sharp) Newman, was born 11 Feb 1889 in Amite Co, MS. On 7 Jan 1917 he married Thelma Causey. Issue:65

1522361 i. Marie, b 4 Oct 191?; m 18 May 1937, James




Prestridge (b 1907; d 9 Apr 1971)

ii. Barbara, m James Pounds

iii. Thomas Benjamin Jr

15224 Joseph Bogan Newman (1861-1941), son of James and Penelope (Davis) Newman, was born 8 Oct 1861 in MS.66 On 4 Mch 1880 he married his first cousin, Nancy Eudora Smith (b 17 July 1864, Franklin Co, MS), dau of Bartlett and Mary Minerva (Davis) Smith. Both of Nancy Eudora's parents were deceased; her brothers were not keen on this marriage. They were people of some property; Joe Newman, in the opinion of her family, had none and little prospects for any. They were right. Issue:










+152246 vi.

152247 vii.

+152248 viii.

+152249 ix.

+15224(10) x.

+15224(11) xi.

15224(12) xii.

Eloise E., b 1881

Lura, b 1885

Benjamin Ford, b 1888

Joseph Undrille, b 26 Jan 1891, Limestone Co, TX: d 7 Jan 1895; bur Tidwell Cem

near Thornton, Limestone Co, TX

v. Leavy, b 28 July 1893; d 17 Aug 1893;

bled to death through the navel cord; bur Tidwell Cem, Limestone Co, TX

Ivy Juanita b 1894

Carey (male), b 2 Aug 1897; d 3 Oct 1893; bur Tidwell Cem near Thornton, TX

Aubrey Davis, b 1898

Grady Wade, b 1900

Opal Evelyn, b 1903

Sylvan Ted, b 1906

Morrow Adrian, b 13 July 1909; d 20 July 1909; bled to death through the navel cord; bur Tidwell Cem, Limestone Co, TX

After their marriage in the home of Nancy Eudora's brother, Joe and Dora (ages 18 and 15) lived with Joe's parents. They came into Texas in Dec 1880 with the James Newman family, first living in Heads Prairie Community east of Kosse but soon moved


to Pleasant Grove community near Thornton, Limestone Co., TX, where they lived until their deaths.

The house in which they lived and where all their children except Eloise were born was a small-unpainted house but a house filled with merriment music, love and warm hospitality.

Joe Newman never had much material goods but he never seemed to need much. He tried to. keep his small farm diversified enough to. provide most of the family's needs, with a small cotton crop for cash. He always kept a few more animals than the family needed for food. In case of an emergency or to provide money for music lessons or singing school lessons for the children, one of these extra animals would be sold. Music was an important part of their lives.

Joe was of medium height, stocky and incredibly strong. He had absolute immunity to all disease. As he was fond of saying, "I never was no hand to take anything." When any member of a neighboring family was seriously ill, Joe was always the first to go and "sit up" with them. His wife Dora was tall, unusually strong and healthy. By her own choice, her life was spent in doing good for her family, her church and her friends. She was gentle, kind and patient, always looking for the best in everything and everyone. Joe was easy going, unhurried, affable, honest - a good husband, father, and neighbor. He did have a strong temper on rare occasions when thoroughly provoked.


Joe walked with a slight limp caused by an early childhood injury. When oil was discovered near Kosse, all the farmers in the area leased their land to the oil companies. This oil lease enabled Joe to provide many things for his family, one of which was a Model T car. Soon after purchase, he ran into a ditch and was badly hurt. After that, although still strong and healthy and able to continue farming, he was quite lame. He refused to drive again; every Saturday he drove his team and wagon into town for supplies and visiting with neighbors and friends and every Sunday to church. Surely he was the last person in the county to use a team and wagon as sole means of transportation.

In 1938, Joe and Dora went to Lubbock to attend the graduation of their youngest son Ted from Texas Tech. They stayed with daughter Lura Fife and her family in nearby Sudan. While there, Dora suffered a heart attack and died instantly 27 Aug 1938. Joe lived a few years more, visiting his children from time to time. Then visiting son Grady’s family in Muleshoe Bailey Co., TX, he had a heart attack and died two days later on 11+ Aug 1941. Both are buried in Sudan Cemetery, Lamb Co, TX.

152241 Eloise E. Newman (1881—1929), oldest child of Joseph Bogan and Nancy Eudora (Smith) Newman, was born in Heads Prairie community near Kosse, Limsstone Co.,Tx on 19 Oct 1881. She married F. Powell McGuffin on 7 Dec 1898 in Limestone Co, Tx.67



+1522411 i. C. B. b 1900
+1522412 ii. Lura Dean, b 1902
+1522413 iii. Novelle, b 1903

Powell McGuffin farmed a few years then became a building contractor. Eloise and the children operated a small dairy near Mart, Falls Co., TX and after the family moved to Dallas, she operated a boarding house there. Powell was an agreeable, likeable man but was subject to moodiness and deep depressions. His health was poor for several years before his death. Eloise was a tall hansome woman with a sweet disposition and very strong character. She was a devoted daughter and wrote to her mother every Sunday over the years. Ella (Newman) McGuffin died

27 Aug 1929 of gunshot wounds; the exact circumstances were never determined. F. Powell McGuffin died less than a year later on 30 Mch 1930 in Dallas. Both are buried in Dallas,Dallas Co., TX.

1522411 C. B. McGuffin. son of F. Powell and Ella (Newman) McGuffin, was born 15 July 1900 in Limestone 00, TX. On 24 Apr he married (1) Pauline Siebert in Dallas Co, TX.Issue:1522411 i. Pauline Marie, b 3 Nov 1923

He married (2) a woman called "Jim". C. B. McGuffin was a bricklayer. Niothing more known of this family.

1522412 Lura Dean McGuffin daughter of F. Powell and Eloise E.

(Newman) McGuffin, was born in Taylor Co, TX 29 Mch 1902. She


married L. Fred Gaudy 28 May 1930 in Dallas Co, TX. They had one child, born and died 18 May 1932. Fred Goudy was a travelling salesman for Pittsburg Paints. For many years this couple kept in fairly close touch with the Newmans but finally have lost contact.

1522413 Novelle McGuffin. youngest child of F. Powell and

Eloise (Newman) McGuffin, was born 2 November 1903 in McAllister

Pittsburg Co, OK. On 5 Aug 1941 he married Eva Joy Talley.


i. Ann, b 8 June 1942

ii. Horace, b 8 June 1942

152242 Lauyra Almeda Newman second child of Joseph Bogan and Nancy Eudora (Smith) Newman, was born 5 Nov 1885 in Limestone Go, TX. On 4 Aug 1908 she married Tyne Fife (b 17 July 1878 in Webster Co. MS), son of James Huey and Jane (Berry) in Limestone Co, TX.69 70

Fife, Issue:

1522421 i. Newman, b 25 July 1909 near Ben Hur, Limestone Go, TX. At age 3, he fell from a

wagon and died 1 Nov 1912

1522422 ii. T. W., b 6 Sept 1916, Ben Hur, Limestone Co,TX. Single; farmed with his father;

is a farmer near Sudan, TX.

+1522423 iii. Aubrey Earl, b 1922

Tyne Fife and Lura Newman were married in the home of her parents. Tyne Fife was ambitious, quick, efficient and industrious; Lura (Newman) Fife was of similar character. Both were devout Christains and were active in the Church of Christ. After farming a few years near Ben Hur, TX, they moved to


Teague in Freestone 00, TX, where they operated a furniture store and funeral home. They later went west to a farm near Sudan In Lamb Co. Tyne and T.. W. Fife were prosperous farmers there for many years until Tyne was accidentally thrown from his tractor into an attached shredder and killed at the age or 93, 1 July 1971.

Lura (Newman) Fife was of medium height, slender, of a merry, cheerful disposition. Like her mother, she always tried to see the best side of everything. After Tyne’s death she continued living for several years on the farm with their unmarried son, T. V. During her last few years she became hard of hearing and too frail to care for herself and T. W.; she went to a nursing home at nearby Amherst. She remained busy, alert and cheerful until she died in May of 1982, age 97. Tyne and Lura (Newman) Fife are buried in Littlefield Memorial Park, Littlefield, Lamb 00, TX.

15221423 Aubrey Earl Fife, youngest child of Tyne and Lura

Newman Fife, was born 16 October 1922 at Teague, Freestone Co,

TX. On 19 Aug 1944 he married (1) Jean Drumgoole. Issue:71

152214231 i. Donna, b 8 Aug 19145; m Kenneth James Bodo
30 Jan 1965
15224232 ii. Alane, b
3 Feb 1950; m Danny Wade Moore 21
Oct 1978.

Aubrey Fife married (2) Betty (Fleming) Tamblin (b 114 Aug 1938), daughter of Jasper Neal and Clara Rose (Wilson) Fleming; she


to the Fifes and to the Newmans who knew her. She died 15

1972 in San Antonio, Bexar Co, TX and is buried at Junction

Kimble Co, TX. Aubrey and Betty (Fleming) Fife own and operate.

a funeral home in Junction, Kimble Co, TX.

152243 Benjamin Ford Newman, third child of Joseph Bogan a

Dora (Smith) Newman, was born 6 Aug 1888 near Thornton, Lim

stone Co., TX. On 17 Jan 1909 he married Pearl Bradley (b

June 1889), daughter of Henry and Sally (Phillips) Bradley,

Limestone Co, TX.72 Issue:73

+1522431 i. Paul W., b 1910
1522432 ii. Edna Ruth, b
3 Aug 1912, Limestone Co,T
d May 1974 in Taylor, TX, single
1522433 iii. Joe Wayne, b 16 Oct 1914 at Axtell, Mc
Lennan Go, TX; d 21 Mch 1959 Blackfoo
Bingham Co. Idaho, single
1522434 iv. Nancy Doris, b 28 June 1920; d May 1922
Axtell, McLennan Co, TX
+1522435 v. Edith Pearl, b 1923

Benjamin Ford, at various times in his life, was a mail car rier at Axtell, a grain combine operator moving around with the grain harvestand an employee of the Union Pacific Railroad in Pocatello, Idaho for 15 years. He was honest, friendly and good—hearted and like all the Newmans, blessed with a fine sense of humor. His wife Pearl was sweet, kind, gentile and patient; all the Newmans loved her. As Ben was away w much of the time, she lived with the Joe B. Newmans from t:

to time; she was just as good to them as they were to her. She died 12 Jan 1953 and is buried in Tech Memorial Park in Lubbock, Lubbock Co, TX.


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1523 Elizabeth Newman (1850- ), only dau of Hezekiah and Nancy (Cockerham) Newman, was born 15 Aug 1850 in Amite Co, MS The story of Elizabeth has come down through James’ children. He told them that Elizabeth became engaged to marry a Mr. Duck. Her young unmarried brothers had not liked Mr. Duck; they were orphans and probably could not have liked any man who wanted to marry Elizabeth. They would tease her by waddling around the house, flapping their arms and making quaking sounds. She married Mr. Duck, moved to Texas soon after and has not been heard from again A J. E. Newman (bride) married L. W. Duck on 10 Aug 1853 in Amite 00, MS; this may have been this Elizabeth Newman.

1525 Seaborn Newman (twin), son of Hezekiah and Nancy (Cocker— ham) Newman, was born 17 Aug 1834 in Amite 00, MS. One Seaborn Newman married Elizabeth Purser 19 Dec 1861 in Copiah 00, MS,115 probably this Seaborn.

1526 Silas Newman (twin), son of Hezekiah and Nancy (Cockerham) Newman, was born 17 Aug 1834 in Amite 00, MS. One Silas Newman married Laura A. Graves 6 June 1861 in Copiah Co, MS,l16 probably this Silas.

This editor plans further research on Elizabeth, Sea-born and Silas Newman.]

1527 Martin Van Buren Newman (1833—1920), youngest child of


Co, MS. He served in the Confederate Army in Company E, 22nd Miss. Infantry. He entered the Jefferson Davis Beajvoir Mem— oria]. Home for Confederate soldiers on 14 Dec 1917 at the age of 79 years. He died there in 1920. He is reported to have been an intelligent and well—read man. He never married.

153 ELIZABETH C0CKERHAM14 (ca 1805—1850?), third known child of

David and Jane Demarius (Chaddick) Cockerham, was born between

1300 and 1810, probably in Barnwell Dist, S.C. On 1 Septcmbcr

1825 she married James Cockerham (unidentified) in Amite Ca,

MS. Knowm issue (probably others, see below):

+1531 i. Eliza Jane, b ca 1828, MS

.1532 ii. Demarius, b ca 1830, LA

This family was located only once in the Federal Census records. 1840 Catahoula Parish census, p 53:

James Cocram 1 M 40-50 1 F 30-40
1 M 5—10 2 F 10-15
1F 5-10


James Cockerham was not enumerated on the 1850 Catahoula Par. census. However, he was there at the time as both Eliza Jane and Demarius were married at Lithe residence of James Cockerham" in 1849 and 1850 respectively.

In March of 1846, James Cockerham filed a petition for administration of the estate of David Cockerham, deceased, listing as heirs the following: James Demarius Cockerham, wife of the deceased, Temp Smith, wife of Moo Smith, Nancy Newman,


wife of Hezekiah Newman, Elizabeth Cockerham, wife of the petitioner, David Washington Cockerham, Jackson Cockerham, Demarius Cockerham single, Effa Cockerham single and Martha Cockerharn single.118 On 3 May 1846, at the sale of the property of David Cockerham deceased, James Cockerham bought slave Nat for

970. James 970.00. Adm of the estate of David Cockerham, deeded slave Alfred to Claiborn Watson for the heirs of David Cockerham in 1848.120

On 28 May 1353, James Cockerham’s land entry was recorded "Certificate #4714 - E1/2 of Sec 18 T1ON R2E Patent 4461 "121

Elizabeth (Cockerham) Cockerham may have died in 1350;

  • an Elizabeth Cockerham, age 45, born Ga, died of "Purpal Fever"
  • - in March of 1850, in Catahoula Parish.122 T’nis would appear to be this Elizabeth Cockerham but no confirmation of this was located. James Cockerham died in late 1858 or very early 1859.

    On 18 Jan 1859 Seaborn Spinks petitioned the court for

    and was granted permission to sell the personal property of

    James Cockerham deceased. On 30 Jan 1859 Seaborn Spinks gave 123

  • Admr Bond of $3600, with Alexander Sonner security. In his

    Petition Seaborn Spinks stated that he was " heir with

  • Mrs. Sarah Chadwick to the property in Madison Parish, LA. On

    17 Jan 1859 a notice was ordered sent to the Recorder of the

    Parish of Madison, LA from Catahoula Parish that an inventory

    and appraisal be made of "...the undivided half of the


    following dexcribed Land held jointly by the Succession of James Cockerham decd and Mrs. Sarah Chadwick, to vat, The SouthEast quarter of Section Eight, Township Fifteen Range Twelve East in the land District North of Red River and Said Inventory made you will transmit to the ___ of this Court, according to

    Just how this property came to be owned jointly by James Cockerham and Mrs. Sarah (Tarver) Chadwick, widow of Isaac Chadwick, has not been determined.

    At the sale on 19 Jan 1859 of the property of James Cock— erham, James Baker, a cousin by marriage, bought slave Nat for

    $2040.00 and "Quinney" Cockerham, son—in-law of James, bought the

    80 acres of land for $905.O0. Many of the purchasers of lesser

    items were relatives; among these, Seaborn Spinks bought the

    Bible for $3.00 and James Hopkins bought the History for

    1531 Eliza Jane Cockerham (ca 1328— ), first known child of

    James and Elizabeth (Cockerham) Cockerham, was born ca 1828 in

    MS On 8 Feb 1849 she married Se?.born Spinks at her father’s LA.126

    residence in Catahoula Parish, Knowm issue:

    15311 i. Sarah, b ca 1859

    This couple was not located on the 1850 Catahoula Par census.

    On the 1860 Catahoula Par census, Pine Woods Dist, P.O. Funny

    Louis, p 124:

    #903-880 C. Spinks 36 14 Blacksmith 1000 200 Miss

    Eliza 32 F Miss
    Sarah 1 F La
    H. Cockerham 26 M Labor



    Martha 23 F La

    James 18 M

    John 16 M

    and the family of W. A. 0’Neal

    Seborn Spinks was not on the list of Louisiana Confederate

    Soldiers by Booth. Then the Civil War Tax of l864-l865 was

    accessed, Seaborn Spinks was assessed 66 cents. No subsequent

    marriage was located for either Seaborn or Eliza J. Spinks.

    boy were not enumerated on the 1870 Catahoula. Par census. In Succession File C-113, Catahoula Par, there was only one small paper dated 1875, a Tax Assessor’s rcport that Seaborn Spinks ".. deceased and there is no one to pay taxes on his property..." In a deed recorded 15 Apr 1885, there was a Sheriff’s seizure of the land of Cockerham and Chadrich for the State of Louisiana - the NW1/4 of Sec 34 TlO R2E 160 acres.128 1532 Demarius Cockerhan (ca 1330—after 1380 census), dau of James and Elizabeth (Cockerham) Cockerhan, was born ca 1830 in La. On 6 Dec she married. #4114 Quincy A. Cockerham, son of William and Brambley (Tarver) Cockerham, at the residence of James Cockerham in Catahoula Parish, LA.129 See Section V for this family.

    The following relationships are research would be necessary for

    Others in Catahoula Parish children of James and Elizabeth

    speculative and tentative; fur—

    verification on.

    records who may have been the Cockerharn) Cockerham were H.