Probate Documents for

Margaret nee Hughes Hutto

Margaret Hutto died without a will March 27, 1881. Some of the records said she died April 7, 1881. I'll need to look at the headstone again.

The following are probate records for Margaret Hutto. There were probably 20 different documents but I had only had about 8 bucks on me at the time. I don't think most of the others tell that much of a story. Legal stuff mostly as I recall.

The following are scans of 2 of the documents for a total of 6 pages.

The following document deals with the Inventory of the Estate.

JE_Hutto_inventory_1883_page1.jpg 226k Cover sheet

JE_Hutto_inventory_1883_page2.jpg - 461k This one has the most information - Value of the state list at $9,260 , close to 300 acres

JE_Hutto_inventory_1883_page3.jpg -490k 2nd page of above page

JE_Hutto_inventory_1883_page4.jpg -360k affidavid signed by J.E. and Judge

JEHutto_administrator_bond1883.jpg 117k Bond and designation as J.E. Hutto as the administrator of Margret's estate

JEHutto_administrator_bond1883_page2.jpg Bond Form, list children also


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