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William Holliday, Revolutionary Soldier of Greenville Dist., SC...  

*Holliday spelled various ways.
**Reese also spelled Reece 

William Holliday,
Military service in Georgia, No. R5149 [A rejected claim] Pickens Dist., SC 3-30-1852 personally appeared William Holliday, resident of Greenville Dist., SC age 88. He volunteered under Capt. Walker in Wilkes Co., Georgia in the Rev. War “when he was but a youth to continue during the war.” Maj. John Rhines, other officers not recollected. Marched to Augusta and was there at [Elijah] Clark’s defeat. He marched through Georgia, SC and was in battles in Augusta, at Wrightsborough “which town was burned by the Whigs on driving out the
British.” He served under these same officers for two years and six months and was honorably discharged, though not in writing. He did not know the necessity of getting and preserving such a thing, and now at his advanced age he is unable to recollect, to tell anything like a connected account of his service.

In answer to the questions submitted by the War Dept. He answered:
Born in Columbia Co., Georgia 2-7-1764. His sister has his father’s Bible, in which his birth is recorded, and which he had seen several years ago. Holliday lived in Wilkes Co., Ga., when he entered service and remained there until about 40-50 years ago when he came to SC. He was a volunteer, serving with no regular unit, and received no written discharge. Persons of respectability whom he has known and who can testify to his character are Dr. John C. Sullivan, John Bagwell, Austin Williams, Esq., Hiram Cooly, Hon. T.E. Ware and Capt. Adam Jones.

Signed- William (X) Holliday.

Affadavit of Rev. Israel Chapman and Stephen Smith, both of Pickens Dist., SC, are acquainted with Holliday, and say he is believed in the neighborhood to have had Rev. Service. Same date.
Signed-Israel Chapman and Stephen Smith.

Greenville Dist., SC 2-18-1856, personally appeared Mrs. Elizabeth Pike, aged about 87, who has known William Holliday, a Rev. Soldier, nearly all her life. Her father Daniel Johnson lived near Augusta, Ga., during Rev. and was a soldier the greater part of the war. It was about the
time Gen. Clarke, in whose army her father was serving, marched against the British at Augusta, that she became acquainted with Holliday, who was then in a company commanded by Capt. Walker in Gen. Clarke’s army.

During the siege of Augusta,  Holliday came with her father to her father’s house and had a wound in one of his thighs, which he said was  received at the siege of Augusta, and which Mrs. Pike remembered having  assisted in dressing. She was also informed that Holliday was appointed
a Lt. For his good conduct at this siege. Holliday remained at her  father’s house until his wound had healed, then returned to duty with  her father Daniel Johnson in service under Gen. Clarke, against the  Indians in Georgia and East Tennessee, as she was informed, until peace
was declared.  William Holliday afterward moved to Greenville Dist., SC where Mrs. Pike
had also settled, and married a woman by the name of Cooly. Holiday  still resides in Greenville Dist., and is the identical person whom she  knew as a soldier in the War of the Revolution. Signed-Elizabeth (X)  Pike.

Pickens Dist., SC 4-5-1852,
personally appeared John Bagwell, who said he saw “Little William Holliday” in service in the Revolution marching through SC under Gen. Clark from his defeat at Augusta, Walker the Capt. They were from Wilkes Co., GA. Bagwell stated he saw no more of Holliday until after peace, when Holliday moved to SC and lived in the same neighborhood ever since. Holliday had told Bagwell of the battles he was in, and the times and places of these battles. Bagwell believes Holliday to have served the time stated, and added “the said Holloday is a good
citizen and moch to be relied on and worthy of his pension.
Signed-John (X) Bagwell.

Georgia State, 4-24-1784,
William Holloday, a Citizen, is entitled to 250 acres of land as Bounty agreeable to an act and Resolve of the General Assembly... Elijah Clark, Col. “By his order M. Freeman” Georgia (No. 1135), William Holloday, Lt., a citizen, is entitled to 250 acres of land as bounty, as certified by E. Clark Col., “Given under my Hand, at Savannah, the 25th day of March 1784.
-J. Houstown (Houston), attest D. Rees, Sec.

Pickens Dist., SC 1-14-1854,
personally appeared Martha Roe, who has known William Holliday in Wilkes co., GA before he enlisted, knew that he enlisted under Capt. Walker, attached to the command of Gen. Clarke, and that she saw him on the march for the City of Augusta under the command of Walker. She knows Holliday served at one time 10 months in the Rev., and how much more she cannot be certain. She has known Holliday ever since.
Signed-Martha Roe.

Testimony of William Steele, Sec. Of the Exec. Dept., State of Georgia, attesting to the copies of Holliday’s bounty documents as being “correct  Copies of original Certificates, which are on file in this Dept.” 7-23-1853. 

Contributed by Miss Kate Holliday, Athens, GA 30601 to "THE GEORGIA GENEALOGIST",
Editor, Mary B. Warren, Danielsville, GA (now Athens, GA, Heritage Papers)
p. 7 “Our People Lives and Legends

Introduction to William Holliday* paper....

William Holliday married Nancy Cooley, daughter of Jacob Cooley of Pittsylvania Co., VA and Greenville Dist., SC. Nancy was the widow of David Reese** when she married William Holliday.  Her Reese children can be proven  but her children by William Holliday
cannot be proven with any certainity. Nancy Cooley & David Reese had  Jacob, James and Elizabeth Reese.

It can be proven that Nancy Cooley Reese Holliday was alive in 1807 when her father deeded her a Negro. She had died by 1816 when her father’s  Greenville Dist. undated will was recorded Nancy was surely dead by c 1810 as William Holliday and his second wife, Sarah/Sallie Cothran, had a daughter born  1811.

Compiled by Peggy Brown Chapman, Lubbock, TX

1754-1759 Nancy Cooley dau. of Jacob Cooley born. (She had a sister b 1758, that m 1779)

7 Feb 1764.  William Holliday born in Columbia Co., Georgia
(Rev. War rejected Pension app. R5149)

May 1779 Nancy Cooley m May 1779, Pittsylvania Co., VA, David Reese

1784-1786 Sarah Cothran b SC

1785 Jacob Reese, son of Nancy Cooley & David Reese born Pitts. Co., VA.

1790 Cooleys & David Reese move to SC. (1790 census)

1 May 1790 David Reese buys 50a Rocky Fk.of Golden Grove and Jacob
Cooley buys 50a Rocky Fk. Golden Grove adj. David Reese. (DB B:244,248)

1790 census David Reese 1m over 16, 2 m under 16, 2 females

About 1796-1799 William Holliday m Nancy Cooley Reese

About 1796-1797 William Holliday, Jr.  born.

5 Jul 1798- By this date David Reese is dead, Jacob Reese is an orphan & William Holliday is in Greenville Dist., SC
(State of SC vs David Jones. David Jones shot Jacob Reese' horse in the rear... On purpose. Jacob Cooley was guardian of Jacob Reese.)

1800 census William Holiday 11100/21010, 0 slv.
(William's age should be 26-45. Nancy was about 10 years older than William.)

18 Jul 1800 William Holliday buys 26 1/4a from Thos Mungey, along JacobCooley’s line.
Jacob Cooley wit. (DB F:515)

18 Jul 1800. William Holliday witnessed Thos. Mungey's deed to Jacob Cooley Sr.
(DB G:524)

1801 Jacob Reese buys 100a Mountan Cr. (DB F:516)

1805 John Whitt at Mary Henson’s estate sale. (Apt. 4 #228)

Nov 1806. Peter Pennell sells Samuel Williams land and mentions William Holliday’s line on Grove Creek. Wit: John Whitt, John Peter French. (DBG:491-492, r 7 Jan 1807)

19 Mar 1807. "Received of my daughter Nancy Holliday $150 it being for a negro girl named Hannah." Signed/ Jacob (X) Cooley. (DB H:307)

1807-1810 Nancy Cooley Reese Holliday dies after Mar 1807 and by Aug 1810. Frances Holliday, dau. of William Holliday and his second wife was b Apr 1811.

1Jul 1808 Jacob Cooley Sr. deeds Jacob Reese 50 a that Jacob bought 1790. (DB K:211)

1810 census Greenville Dist.
By this date Jacob Reese was married.
p. 104/10 John Whitt age 26-45, his wife 16-26 [wf-Elizabeth Reese]
p. 104/11 Jacob Reese 00110/10100, 0 slv (perhaps his brother James was living with him.
p. 104/15 William Holliday--11010/12100, 1 slv.
[Was this Nancy’s slave her father deeded her?]
I contend Nancy Cooley was dead & William was married to Sarah Cothran.

Apr 1811 Frances Holliday born, dau. of William Holliday & Sarah Cothran

Nov 1811 Jacob Cooley Sr. deeds James Reese 110a  (DB K:210)

15 Sep 1812 William Holliday and John Clement witnessed Philip Jane Sr.'s deed to his dau., Elizabeth Jane. (DB I:191)

April 1812 William & Sally Holliday deed Jacob Reese 27 a that Wm. bought 1800.
(DB K:212)

1810-1813 George Washington Holliday born according to Greenville Dist. census, son of William Holliday & Sarah Cothran. in 1850,48 in 1860,60 in 1870,67 in 1880. His marker states 1819.)
39 Jul 1813 Robert Henry Holliday born, son of William Holliday & Sarah Cothran.

Jan 1814. Miles Jennings deeds Wm. Tate land water Saluda River nr Drury Morris...bounds land of William Holliday.(DB I:341)

Feb 1816 Jacob Cooley, Sr. died, will proved Feb 1816. His undated will leaves  dau. Nancy Holida’s heirs Spanish mill dollar. (Greenville Dist.WB A:253, Apt.2, #115)

Feb 1816. James Burton estate rec’d (included) Nancy Woodson, William Hollida, Jacob Reese. (Greenville Dist. Apt. 1 #21)

6 Dec 1817, by this date James Reese, son of David, is married to Elizabeth ___ ; by this date Elizabeth Reese, dau. of David, is mar. to John Whitt. (DB K:183)

6 Dec 1817. David Reese’s heirs sell land he bought 1790 to William Holliday, plantation where William lives. (DB K:183)

6 Dec 1817. William Holliday Jr. and Sally Holliday witnessed deed of the Reese heirs to William Holliday.  (DB K:183) Was William, Jr. age 16-21? b 1796-1797?  I contend he moved to Anderson Dist.. SC by 1850.  I contend Sally Hollidady was the wife of WilliamSr.

Feb 1818. William Holliday deeds Samuel Roberts 50a, that he rec. 6 Dec
1817. (DB K:185)

9 Jan 1819. Uriah Staton/[Slaton?] to William Holliday. 280a Mountain  Cr. part of 2 orig. tracts one granted Wm. Wood & other to Miles Jennings. including place where Staton now lives.. nr head of a br.  thence down.. to Charlees Avary’s line. Wit: Laird Burns, Nathan Berry.
(DB M:28-29, r 20 Mar 1822)

2 Nov 1819 George Washington Holliday born-- according to his cemetery marker at Cedar Shoals Bap. Ch., Greenville Co., SC. He married (1) 15 Nov 1832, Nancy Poore (1815-1862). If his marker is correct he married age 13. I wonder if his census age was not closer to his correct age.

Jan 1820 James Reese estate. Nancy Holliday was pd. 6.00 & she bought at estate sale. Other buyers (included) Elizabeth Reese, Jacob Reese & Jacob Cooley and John Hutto (Apt. 6 #392)

25 May 1820. Humphrey Cobb to John Avery 130a Cedar Shoal bounded NW by William Holliday. (DB P:119)

1820 census Wm. Hollady 400001/20010,  1 Slv. [Nancy Cooley Reese Holliday’s slv?]

Jul 1821 William Holliday nbr. to Morris, Avery, John Cockrum [Cothran] & Thos. Chapman. (DB L:301)

Apr 1821. James E. Holliday born, son of William Holliday & Sarah/Sallie  Cothran

1821 (about)  William Holliday of Anderson Dist., SC 1850 census marries Rebecca Burrow or did Rebecca Burrow marry a Laurens Co. Holliday?

Feb 1822. William Holliday deeds H. Sullivan 280a on Mountain Cr., Avery’s line. Rina Holliday & James Cockrum [*Cothran] were the witneses (DB M:23, r 20 Mar 1822)  (See DB M:28 29)

Apr 1822 Priscilla Holliday received by experience Washington Bap.Meeting House on Golden Grove.

May 1822. Hewlet Sullivan deeds Thomas Chapman 280a on Mountain Cr. where William Holliday now lives. (DB M:235}

Nov 1822 Rebecca Reese received by letter Washington Bap. Meeting House on Golden Grove.

1823  Tully [Hulet] Holliday born, son of William Holliday & Sarah Cothran. He was 29 in 1850,37 in 1860,47 in 1870. 4 Mar 1824. Alexander Y. Holyday witnessed  John Rice's deed to Samuel E. Carter. (DB P:41)

Jan 1824. Thos. Chapman deeds Hewlet Sullivan 280a on Mountain Cr. where William Holladay lives. (DB N:248)

Dec. 1827. William Holliday witnessed George French's deed to Jacob Reese -- land on Mountain Cr. (DB P:334-335)

*James Cockrum believed to be the brother of Sarah/Sallie Cothran. Prior to c 1860 the Cothran name was usually spelled Cockrum. Rina Holliday is unknown.

Dec 1827. Jacob Reese deeds John Whitt 190a. (DB Q:53)

1820 census Greenville Dist. (Census in alpha order, cannot tell nbrs.)
William Holada 3m -5,3m 5-10,1m 60-70/2f -5/ 2f 5-10,1f 10-15,1f 40-50
Willioam Hollady, Jr. 1m -5,1m 5-10,1m 30-40/1f -5,2f 5-10,1f 30-40
John Hollady 1m 15-20/ 1f -5,1f 20-30

1831. Buyers at Hewlett Sullivan's Greenville Dist. estate sale included
William Holliday, James Cockram,Hiram Cooley,Enos Chapman.

1831. William Holliday attended Tucker Woodson's estate sale, return dated 14 Nov 1831. (
Apt. 8 #528)

May 1832. Nancy Reese received by experience Washington Baptist Church Meeting House.

1832. William Holldiay had 2 notes due Turner Pinion/Pinell estate.(Apt. 9 #673)

Nov 1832. George Washington Holliday m Catherine Poore

About 1834 Robert Henry Holliday m Anna Louisa Cothran, dau. of John Cothran and Sarah Woodson. (John Cothran was Robert's uncle. Sarah Woodson was the dau. of Tucker Woodson.)

Mar 1836. Robert Holliday & Woodson Cothran witnessed John Cothran's deed to his youngest children: John Creecy, James Lattimore & Sarah Mimms Cothran. (John's name was spelled Cockrum.) (DB S:35-36)

1836. Robert Holliday & Washington Holliday attended Isaac Jordan's estate sale. (Apt. 4 #252)

1840 census Greenville Dist., SC (Census in alpha order, cannot tell neighbors)
William Holiday, Sr. 1m 5-10,1m 10-15,2m 15-20,1m70-80/1f 5-10,1f 10-15,1f 15-20,1f 40-50
William Holliday, Jr. 1m -5,1m 10-15,1m 40-50/1f -5, 3f 5-10, 1f 10-15, 1f 15-20, 1f 40-50

1840 census Robert Holiday 1m -5, 1m 20-30; 1f 20-30

1840 census Washington Holliday 2m -5, 1m 5-10, 1m 20-30; 1f 5-10, 1f 20-30

1840 census Riny Holliday 1f 5-10, 1f 30-40.
Was she William Holliday's dau. or John Holliday’s widow?

Aug 1840 Elizabeth Reese received by experience Washington Baptist Meeting House.

Oct 1841 James Reese attending Washinton Baptist Meeting House.

1842 James Reese, Rebecca Reese & Elizabeth Reese attending Washington Baptist Meeting house.

Jan 1842. Frances Holliday m Reubin Smith (Some SC Marriages & Obituaries, Simpson & Barham, 1978)

Oct 1842 Robert Holliday & Reubin Smith received by letter Washington Baptist Meeting House.

1843 Robert Holliday & Reubin Smith attending Washington Baptist Meeting House.

Oct 1843 Tully Holliday m (1) Mary Red. (Some SC Marriages & Obituaries, Simpson & Barham, 1978)

 Estate of William Rea (Greenville Dist. Apt 6 #406) proves that Mary’s name was Rea/Ray.
Tully Holliday & wf were heirs of Thomas Rea, son of William Rea. Rea’s will d 23 Jun 1827,
p 27 Aug 1827. [His wife, Rebecca, died 10 Nov 1849.]  Final settlements Jan 1851.
William Rea’s dau., Nancy, had m by 23 Jun 1827, James Cockrum [Cothran], who was out of state 1851..

1843 Samuel Roberts’ sale: Washington, Tully, Robert & James Holliday among the buyers. (Greenville Dist. Apt.10 #1)

1844. William & Robert Holliday had notes due Mar 1839 & Jan 1842 to estate of Elliott Bolling

c 1844. James E. Holliday m Emily J. Dunlap]

1845. Elizabeth Pinnell, Lucinda [Woodson] Whitt & Elias Whitt attending Wash. Baptist Church.

1850 census William Holliday & Sarah not found--missed by census taker?

1850 census Grnv. Dist.
Caroline Holliday-21, Robert Holliday 38, Geo.Holliday 39, J.E. Holiday 30, Tully Holiday 29.

1850 census Anderson Dist.
         p. 272 James Holloday 28 & Leuvina Holloday 23 & family.
                    (Son of William Holliday below?)
         p. 274 William Holliday age 53, b SC, wife Ann b 1794.
              Children: Martha Ann b 1825, David b 1830, Rebecca b 1831, Dicy Jane b 1834,
               Mary M. 1836, Dicy Ann b 1838, Wm. D. b 1846, Elijah W. b 1849.

Will of Henry Burrow of Anderson Dist., SC d Oct 1829. To daughter
Rebecca Hollidy negro girl Chainy. (Will Book A, pp. 414-418, r 21 Dec 1829)
See Henry Burrows Greenville Dist. deeds: DB D:370-371

21 Nov 1796. William Story to Herny Burrow 100a little Horse Cr. DB D:373-374.
18 Feb 1797. William Story to James Chastain 50a little Horse Cr. Wit: Philip Mulkey, Henry Burrows. DB I:355-356. James Chastain to Harris Mullin 50a N side of Little Horse Cr. bounded on S side by Henry Burrows... Little Horse Creek was not far from where William Holliday
(of Greenville Dist.) and relatives and friends lived. Henry Burrows lived in Laurens Dist., SC  (See Laurens Dist. deeds G:318,F:503,K:145 and 1810 & 1820 census Laurens Dist.) Was Henry Burrows of Anderson Dist. from Laurens Dist., SC. ?) Was Rebecca Burrows this William’s first wife?
Was William Holliday of Anderson Dist. William Holliday Jr. of Greenville Dist., SC?

(Since I wrote this I have found that other researches believe Henry Burrow’s daughter married Robert Alexander Holliday from Laurens Co. Ancestral File, ver 4.17, 20 Mar 1997. Rebecca B. Burroughs b 28 Nov 1800, SC, d 12 Aug 1856, Fayette Co., GA, m 4 Jun 1818, SC Robert Alexander Holliday, son of William Holliday, Jr., who d Nov 1826,Laurens Co., SC.)

1851. Estate sale of Ezekiel Vincent [Sr]  buyers included Robert & Tully Holliday.
(Apt.18 #75)

1851. Estate sale of Elizabeth (Cooley) Pinnell-- notes due from William & Washinston Holliday 1845, also Robert & J.E. Holliday. (Apt. 12 #64)

1852. William Holliday applies for pension. (Rej. claim)

1854. William Holliday owed John McDavid estate. (Apt. 14 #173)

1856. Elizabeth Pike gave affidavit that William Holliday m a woman named Cooley.
(Wm’s rejected pension application.)

1856-1860 .William Holliday dead.

1859 Tully Holliday in Cherokee Co., AL  [1850 S.W. Cothran in Cherokee Co., AL]

1860 Tully Hollday in Greenville Dist. living next dr. to S[amuel] W. Cothran

1860 Greenville Dist. census *Sarah Cothran Holliday, age 74 b SC,
living with son G.W. Holliday

1870 Pickens Dist. census p. 391 #126 Tully Holliday living in Pickens Dist. with (2nd wife) Milly [Vincent] & family. #125 William Cothran son of S.W. Cothran, #127 John Durham & wf Jane, 20 b AL & children. [Jane dau. of S.W. Cothran] #130 Elizabeth Cothran 46 & children. [Widow of S.W. Cothran] #132 Joseph Cothran & family [son of S.W. Cothran]

1870 Greenville Dist census Sarah Cothran Holliday, age 86, living with George W. Holliday.

1870-1880. Sarah Cothran Holliday died.

1880 Greenville Dist. census George W. Holiday states his father b GA,his mother b SC. 

31 Jan 1997. Peggy B. Chapman, 1503 47th, Lubbock, TX 79412-2323 

* Ped. chart of Geo. Terry Thompson (1982) Belton, SC, desc. of G.W.,
says Geo. W’s mother was Sarah E. ___.


In Sep 1997 Frank Herin, Jr., Greenville, SC heard from Don Hutto
Don  was searching for Nancy Holliday who married John Castleberry Hutto. They had a son James Emory Hutto b 1824.

E-mail 15 Jan 1998 to Frank E. Herin & 17 Jan 1998 to pbc from Rebecca Wilson, Riviera, TX <> James Emory Hutto b 8 May 1824,
Greenville Co., SC, second son of Nancy Holliday and John C. Hutto.
Frank responded to Rebecca with mention of his grandfather Emory Holliday & noting  James E. Holliday, son of William. [Was James middle name Emory? Note Hiram Cooley’s eldest son was named Emory T. Cooley.]

In 1800 (see above) William Holliday had 3 daughters.
In 1810 William had 12100 females in house.
In 1820 William had 2 daus. still at home.

In 1820 James Reese died. James was the step-son of William Holliday. (See above)
John Hutto also bought at this sale as did Nancy Holliday.

1820 census Greenville Dist. SC
p. 92 Hewlet Sullivan, John Rice of Horse Cr., Geo. Vincen, Geo. French, Devonports, McDavid, McDaniel, Daniel Cockrum m Elizabeth Roberts, Thomas Chapman, Austin,Tucker Woodson, Agrippa Moseley,Thomas Rea, son of William, John Sullivant
p. 93
1. Charles Sullivant
2. William Rea--his gr-dau. m Tully Holliday, son of William Holldiday
3. Charles Sawyer m dau. of William Rea
4. Hananis Waldrop
5. John Crumpton
6. Micajah Berry
7. David Crumpton
8. Thomas Alexander
9. Soloman Bolton,
10. John Mires
11. Joshua Waldrip
12. George Davis
13. Lemuel Cobb
14. Meradith Barrett
15. Robert Devonport
16. Patsy Barrett
17. Jacob Black
18. William Anderson
19. Charity Martin
20. Philip Mealler
21. Kindred Bagwell
22. Jacob Cooley, [Jr.]
23. John Armstrong (Tucker Woodson’s son-in-law)
24. Ez. Vincent (Jacob Cooley, Sr’s son-in-law)
25. Jonathan French
26. Britton Brewer
27. Thomas Avery
28. Danl Sullivant
29. Burkeley Bagwell
30. Elisha Massey
31. Drewry Neace
32. Lucey Hutto 000100/01001
33. Betsey Reece 2m -10/1f 16-26
34. Joseph Smith
35. John McDavid
36 Wm. Pearl b 1780 m Elizabeth Berry,
dau. of Hudson
37. John Williams
38. Robert Johnson
39. Humphrey Cobb
40. Joel Eastis
p. 96/5 Benj. Hutto [I failed to copy age breakdown.]
All of the above were neighbors of Cooley, Vincent, Holliday etc.

Perhaps Nancy Holliday was the dau. of William Holliday & Nancy Cooley Reese.
Perhaps the John Hutto buying at the estate sale of James Reese was John Castleberry Hutto.

Keith L. Henderson, Somerville, AL wrote 6 Feb 1998 and sent 1840 census Madison Co., AL
John Hutto 30-40, 1 son 15-20 [James Emory?], female 20-30 [John’s second wife?],
dau. 15-20, 3 daus 10-15, 2 daus 5-10, 1 dau. under 5.

Marriages Madison Co., AL
John Hutto m 6-4-1840 Rebecca Baker
Lucinda Hutto m 4-8-1846 Henry Thomas Vann
Mary Ann Hutton m 11-5-1848 Moral Read
Sarah Hutto m 12-5-1847 John W. Reece

1850 census Madison Co. AL (p. # omitted)
#117 John Holidy [Holiday]  45, F, 150, SC
Rachel 44, SC
Mary J. 12, Sarah A.R. 7, Jeremiah C. 5 (children b AL)
Morrel Read 21 b AL
Mary A. Read 19, AL [nee Hutto]

1860 census Williamson Co., TX
#314 J.E. Hutto 35 stock raiser b AL Margaret Hutto 30 b AL and children

1870 Williamson Co., TX James Hutto 45, driver, AL
Margaret Hutto 37, AL and family

1880 Williamson Co., TX James E. Hutto 56 b SC M. Hutto 48 b AL & family 

We believe that this Hampton Holliday is a "lost" son of William Holliday & Sarah Cothran.
 has not been able to find him in the 1850 census.

Hampton Holady  b ca 1829 (31 1860 census)   (oral family history is that he was  a younger or youngest son born into a large family from South Carolina.  Left home as a young man because he did not get along with his father)

Hampton Holady m Eliza Dennis Simpson  Oct 16, 1958 Greene Co., TN
 (copy of marriage bond and marriage certificate  from Greene Co. Court.
Name listed as Waide Holiday and is signed W. Holiday with very shaky signature.
Marriage bond document  witnessed by Mitter(n ?) D Marshal.  I looked him up
in census and he was listed as a school teacher living near Hampton.)

1860 Greene Co. TN census  Cinches Gap
roll # 1252 Nat. Archives.  p227/8

Hampton Holiday   31    M   farmer   personal estate  $20.   b S.C.
Eliza                     35   F         b  TN
Hugh                       1   M       b   TN
Franklin Dennis       10
 Mollie (Carmolia)  4               b TN  (both children by previous marriage)

(Family oral history  is that Hugh was really Tulla Hulit and died as a young child. A great Uncle named for him).
Aug 21, 1861
Hampton Holady joined I Co  29th Tn Vol  Confederate Army

Davis Hampton Holady  b  Nov 18, 1861  Knox Co. TN  (second son of Eliza and Hampton
d  Aug 31, 1932  WA. (death certificate copy.  Lists fathers birthplace as SC. and father as Hampton Holady
 m  Nov 27, 1883  Scarburrough, TN  Gueliaelma Mills  ( marriage certificate copy)

Civil war papers place Hampton in both Knoxville prison and last on Nov 1864 as being released from Louisville, Ky prison.  (Family history has it that he returned home, lived in the mountains during the day and came home at night. On one of these occasions was bushwacked and died as a result of his beating.He died late 1864 or in 1865)

Davis Hampton grew up in Maryville Tn.
Issue are:
Nora Mae Holady Fleming  and later French  b 7/17/1885 TN    d 4/12/1962d  CA.
(family leaves TN and goes to Wash state.)

Tulla Hulit Holady                                        b 7/6/1887  WA     d  7/28/1971  WA

William Edgar Holady Sr               b 11/12/1888  WA (my grandfather) d  1/29/1957 AZ

Harvey Hampton Holady       b  12/30/1890  WA      never married    d 9/19/1968  AZ

Frederick Davis Holady       b 9/10/1900  WA       never married     d   ? OR. 

July 12, 1998
Vriginia E. Holady Richarson  

If you have a connection or additional infromation about this family please reply to (chapman, peggy)

11 Feb 1998
Peggy B. Chapman 

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