Homers Bus Ride

This is the story of Uncle Homer's run to fame

Once when Homer was in school, he got kicked off the bus for some reason by the school bus driver. But, being the smart farm boy he was, he quickly came up with a solution to avoid having to walk the many miles that lay in store for him being the home place was quite a distance from his present locale.

The older Buses of that day had a flat bumper. He quickly made his exit to the rear of the bus and hitched a ride on the Bumper without the Bus driver being aware of his actions.

After the bus arrived at the farm house to deposit the other Hutto children, Homer came trotting past the front of the Bus with his head cocked high.

His bold fresh prancing bewildered and angered the Bus driver while making Homer's antic legendary with the other school children.

As the story was further described to me, Grandpa went to see the school officials after this episode or others because Uncle Homer was noted for always getting into trouble at school.

Grandpa was said to have told the school officials that if they wanted to punish Homer, they could keep him in class during recess, or give him extra work. But they WERE NOT To kick him off the Bus in the future as he had chores to do. He shared that the individual they were impacting was him not Homer.

Mom said Grandpa used some descriptive language about where he would put his foot if they failed to meet his demands.

As I understand it, Homer never was kicked off the bus again.

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This was another story shared in September of 1998 by Aunt Irene , Lucille and my Mom Dollie, Mae.

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