Letter from Ruby Flinn Petrie
Effie-Dean Rogan Giles
May 1, 1957

930 Farra Drive
Oklahoma City, Okla.

May 1, 1957

Dear Effie Dean:

Well, at last, the pictures are finished. As I told you, the great—great grandmother is a rather stern looking person. There were spots on the face of the enlargement so it had to be restored to a certain extent - making the cost $ 20.80 for restoration and two pictures. Your part — half $10.40. Then the great—great grandfather picture for you was $7.40. I did not count you in on that restoration, because that was mine before you knew about it. You had given me $5.00, so they charged me $ 2.40 more to have the colored on. So $ 17.80 from $30.00 leaves you $12.20 refund. I would have sent an itemized statement but I paid half down at the time of ordering them and I got a 15% store discount and also got them made at a time when they put on "specials" (about three times a year). So it was made out in so many different bill you would have had difficulty in making heads & tails of it. It all added up to my statement,

I have not heard from John Love. I did not get the letter off as soon as I had intended and he may be away on a case.

I have thought of writing to Aunt Mary McMordie’s (Grandmother’s sister) daughter in Vernon, Texas, to see if she knew anything about that side of the family. I do not have her full name. Aunt Annie may know. We’d better hurry before these relatives pass away.

We are having rain, rain, rain as well as Texas - Impossible to get into one’s garden. I put out tomato plants in mud yesterday and last night we had over two inches of rain again – cloudy today. We will probably have more.

Would be happy to have you visit me and (Oklahoma).

Effie Dean, we are having a Bi-centennial from June 14 to July 7, here in Oklahoma City. Will really be interesting — and it isn’t far from Austin - ha.



The pictures are in another package — R.

Editor’s note- These pictures must be of the Teague or possible Wood? Family, John C. and Nancy(Wood?) Teague? Ruby and Effie were the great grand daughters of Isiah Flinn.

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