Settlement of the Guardianship
of the children of
James McGuire - Medon TN 1855
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Following the death of Ishmael Bailey , his orphaned grandchildren , Susan , George and Perrywere placed under the guardianship of their uncle Henry S. Parker. ( their sister Mary McGuire had been living with her Aunt Mattie nee McGuire Blair since earlier than 1850 and following thier mother's death in 1847) Henry was also named the Executor of the Estate of Ishmael who died in probably, the fall of 1854. Due to declining health, Henry's son David Hardie Parker and Robert S. Reeves , his son in law, were later named to the role of Executor. Henry himself died shortly there after in April of 1855. As to if James McGuire had actually placed his children in the guardianship of of either Henry or Ishmael before his death is unknown. It is possible that James had died and the children's guardianship was simple transferred from Grandpa Bailey to Uncle Henry Parker. I have often wondered what happen to the children's father, James. Did he remarry, did he die of grief from the loss of his love, Rachel, the children's mother. Well at last we may never know. ( Copy of Orginal here )

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