Letter from Ruby Flinn Petrie
Effie-Dean Rogan Giles
February 14, 1950

2001 N.W. 16th
Okla. City, Okla.
Feb. 14, 1950

Dear Effie Dean:

Thanks so very much for the information you sent me. I am sending all these dates on to Mr. Love, and it may be some time before I get what I expect him to send me. However here is a copy of data I have gathered from here and there and everywhere — authentic, I’m sure. Some I copied from grave—stones. When you do go to Hutto, I wish you would send me Uncle Charlie’s birth—date from his tombstone.

I have been interested in genea1ogy for a long time — Aunt Annie can vouch for that. I’m always writing her for some information. I still do not have much on Grandmother’s family. I have a grand record of the Petries for my boys — coat-of-arms and everything! While I did not use the card I’m enclosing, you might write to the address given and ask about a Flinn or rather "O’Flyn" coat of arms. I imagine there are so many O’Flyns or Flinns in Ireland it would be rather difficult, don’t you?

Mr. Love told me one could find most anything at the Newberry Library in Chicago. I intend to go there on our next trip East. We intend to visit Arthur’s relatives in Quincy Ill. as soon as we can, and to look up family records In Cook Co. Howard Petrie, the radio announcer, is Arthur’s first cousin, I have the most complete record of Arthur’s mother.

Perhaps, if you would ask at the State Library for a book on Family Coat-of-Arms, they might have it, (a picture) there in the Historical Research Department.

Mr. Love told me our great grandfather, Isiah, was a breeder of fine horses. He had $4,500.00 when he died, which was quite a bit of cash in those days. I certainly want to go back over there before Cousin Felix dies, and go to Bolivar and pick up all the family history possible.

Do hope you are well of your cold. Had mine just before Christmas. I’d be thrilled to death to have you and Elsie come up any time, or any of the relations.


Ruby Petrie

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