Data enclosed in a letter
sent from Ruby Flinn Petrie
Effie-Dean Rogan Giles

Monday, April 15, 1957

Dear Effie Dean:

I found this among my father’s papers after he died. It is an excerpt from a personal bit of biography, but might interest you since it concerned your mother, also.

"It was about the middle of November, 1869, that we started for Texas (eight in the group, so that was the parents and the first six children — Ruby Petrie). We landed at Round Rock Williamson County on the first day of January 1870. I had an aunt and great-aunt living there at that time. We stayed with them a week or so then moved down Brushy Creek about 10 miles. Farms were scarce in those days. Father managed to get a house and 10 acres of land. We planted 5 acres in cotton, made 5 bales and sold it for 14 cents per pound. We then moved about half - way between Round Rock and Georgetown, and lived there two years. Father was a doctor and got quite a lot of practice for a thinly settled country. He died in 1896; having built up a good practice, All this time we were raising cotton and adding cattle from year to year. In 1873, father bought his first land in Texas — 50 acres for which he paid $3.00 per acre. We lived there 6 years. The country was open and we had accumulated quite a bunch of cattle. We sold this little place, and bought a large one in the same neighborhood and lived there until he died. In the spring of 1880, when I was twenty, I had symptoms of the "trail fever" but as I was not yet of age and Father and Mother both wanted me to stay at home and look after the cattle, I did so. But by 1891 I again wanted to go on the trail and on the 11th of April I left Brushy Creek" ------- and so on.

As you probably know, the aunts mentioned were Aunt Mat Blair, our Grandmother’s father’s sister, who reared grandmother’s sister Mary, who was the other aunt.

(Editors note: End of document.)

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