Black, Roy W., Senra
Bolivar, Tennessee, 38008
P. 0. Box 187

29 June 1965

Mr. Thomas H. Flinn V P
United Virginia Bankshares
900 East Main

Richmond, Virginia. SUBJECT:
Data on Flinn-Flynn
Family, Hardeman County, Tenn.

Dear Sir:

May I extend my sincere thanks and appreciation for coming into the records vault of our courthouse where a Mr. Armour and I were examining some early county records. Although I have known of the name Flinn-Flynn--it is spelt both ways in the records-- you were the first of that name it has been my pleasure to meet.

I have considerable material, mainly relative to the Flinn estate succession in some county in California, but at present I am unable to locate it in my files. When I have located it I will write you more fully than I now can without it. I can however send on to you such of the data I have in connection with my mother’s Walton family.

Your earliest ancestors of whom I know; Isaih and Rhoda Teague Flinn are buried in Old Clover Creek Baptist Church Cemetery in Hardeman County, near the Madison County line on Tenn. Highway 18 , North of Bolivar. Their gravestone inscriptions read:

Isiah Flinn. Born Apr. 23, 1807; Died May 28, 1838.
Rhoda Flinn. Born Dec. 25, 1812; Died Jan. 9, 1892.

Rhoda was a daughter of John C. Teague who was born in North Carolina before 1790 1830 U. S. Census for Hardeman County, Tenn.). The Teagues were settled in both Rowan and Chatham Counties, N. C., where a Moses Teague left a will in Chathan in 1799, and another Moses Teague left a will in Rowan in 1794.

John Teague (born N . C ., before 1790), wife unknown, had the following children:

Rhoda who married Isiah Flinn--she was born 12/25/1812
Elizabeth Betty) born 1814, married John Ingram Walton, (ancestor of the writer)Margaret Catherine married James Monroe Walton, brother of John Ingram--above.
Other children were Joshua, Joseph, William G. and perhaps others whose birth dates including Marg. Catherine are unknown to me.

Joseph Gray Walton, Sr. on Oct. 2, 1851 married Elizabeth Jane, daughter of Isaiah & Rhoda W. (Teague) Flinn in Hardeman Co., Tenn. They had 10 children. There are no living descendants. Their last surviving was Miss. Virginia Walton, of whom I told you was the 90 odd year-old spinster who died and is buried Colorado Springs, Colo. The Flinn estate in Calif. was adjudged to her under trust of the Court and duly appointed guardian for her lifetime which was was only a very few years.


RWB/" Roy W. Black, Senr.

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