Delwood Center Office
Austin 2, Texas
November12, 1957

Mr. Joseph C. Wolf, Head
Division of Historical Genealogy
The Newberry Library
Chicago 10, Illinois

Dear Mr. Wolf:
In 1950 a Mr. John H. Love from Park Ridge, Illinois, a genealogist and member of’ a firm whose business is unclaimed estates did some work in your Library.

He was successful in tracing the living relatives of a Mr. Will Flinn who died in San Diego, Calif. about 1948, or 1949. At the time Mr. Love was working in your library ho stated that: "One can find most anything at the Newberry Library in Chicago".

Now, I am anxious to learn if Mr. Love deposited the result of his research on the Flinn – McGuire - Bailey families in your department? He promised to send the information in return for the help which members of the Flinn family had given him.

So far, this has not been done nor have the latest letters been answered.

The family tree runs like this:

Three brothers came to America from the North of Ireland:

a. William O’Flinn

b. Jasper O’Flinn

c. Isiah O’Flinn

c. Isiah O’Flinn was born at Bedford (near Nashville) Tenn., on April 23, 1807.

He changed the name to Flinn; He married Rhoda Wood Teague who was born December 25, 1812, in Madison County, Tenn.,


William Henry Flinn

Sarah Angeline Flinn

David Franklin Flinn

Elizabeth Jane Flinn

John Carroll Flinn whose children were the ones who received part of the estate mentioned above.

I am most anxious to get all the information available about the Flinn family Do you have a trained genealogist whom I might pay to see how much information your division affords? Please quote the price for such services. Also if you happen to have the latest address of Mr. Love, will you please send it?

Your kind attention to this letter of inquiry will be greatly appreciated.

Sincerely yours,

Mrs. J.B. Giles

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