Translation by Mike Pulsipher and Marcia Moseley on May 14, 1981
Edited by Marvin Schubert 1998

Hutto, Nov. 1912

Dear Children,

I got your ever welcome letter not long since. Was so glad to hear of the good health of your business being good. We are all well. We just had our real norther. Had to have fires. Maggie is teaching school at Thrall, six miles east of Taylor. She can board the six o’clock train and get home on the same train. School is an eight-month school and she gets 50 to fifty five dollars per month. She is well pleased with the school. They have four teachers. I do my housework except the washing. Charlie farmed this year and will farm again on the Tisdale Place. He and Ben Hensen are partners in building and moving house, baleing hay, and farming and all the work in general. They buy and sell stock. Charlie and I live alone. Tommy will step out of office soon. (Thomas Flinn was county Clerk in Williamson County for many years and Mayor of Hutto also) Joe speaks of leaving Hutto. He says he is running himself to death. He gets (has) a large practice. I wish he would stay here. He is a fine doctor. Tommy wanted me to breakup housekeeping and board but I can’t think of that. I stay alone some days. I enjoy solitude. Am all alone this eve. I keep busy at some kind of work. I do all my sewing. I have made several house slippers of late. I knit the uppers and buy the soles and get $ 1.50 but there is a good deal of work in them. They last a great deal longer than the crocheted slippers. I find something to do all the time. Hugh Holly has bought land at Corpus Christi and is going to farm. Joe sold his land to Hugh Harden (Hardes?). Hardie Hutto is working Tom’s land at Taft. Hardie seems to be a nice boy. Curt wrote me he would make from 40 to 50 bales of cotton and plenty feed supply. Hope he will have better crops here after. I feel such an interest in my children’s welfare. You asked if I got the Floydada paper? Yes, and would have you the Hutto papers but it is such a poor thing. I am ashamed to send it. Will send it some of these times. Tell Holman my little dog is named Johny named after Walton Forey boy. He named him. He is a fine mouse and rat dog. Mrs. T.A. Evevens has a four thousand-dollar house with all those girls to live in it. No prospects of any marriages. Kiss the babes for me. Tell Holman to write me a little letter. Tell Mildred to help him. Glad that Holman loves to learn. Would love so much to see you all. Can’ t you come to see / Lewis Dobes is a fine preacher. You ought to hear him. Mattie and him are so happy. They have two nice little boys going to school. Lewis wants to come to Hutto. Hope they will. It would be company and help for me. Write soon. Willis Holman and Mrs. Liston are still going together. People don’t look upon her with much favor. Some think they will marry when she gets her divorce. Some think he won’t have her but few visit her. I will look for a letter soon.

Your Mother,

Susan.F. Flinn

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