The following are correspondence letters and notes in my reserch of the orgins of the W.D. Berry Family

Sunday, March 19, 2000 1:47 PM

HI.  I am related to the Berry's in Orange County NC and have considerable information on our Family. The family was in Orange County as Early as 1757 and have been in the same area every since . There were children of the original settler that went to Georgia and possibly Tenn. W. D Berry  would be in the age group of the grand children of our original Robert Berry who had 8 sons and 2 daughters. The children were Robert, Joshua, Thomas, William, David, Henry, John, Issac, Elizabeth,
MaryBerry Kemp/Camp. These names are all mention in their fathers will of which I have a copy.  I think there is a good possability that W.D. Berry is connected to our family. The picture of John Watt Berry would pass for an identical brother to my uncle who was born a good many years later. My uncle who is still alive never wore a beard but otherwise the could easily be twins.

Benjamin Berry Henderson

Marvin Schubert wrote:

Hi Ben
Appreciate your correspondence

It seems viable that we may be of the same clan. Do your records tell much about your Issac? Year of birth? possible an early death? spouse? Our family information reflects only 1 child, Wm that grew to adult hood. Thats generally unusual in that day and time, unless there was a death? Any information you can share would be much appreciated. There are several
of us reserching the family and this is one of the best leads of seen in some time. Orange County, huh? Did the majority of the family stay in NC ? Have more questions, but I'll let you respond

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Marvin: My Issac was about 12 years old or so at the time his fathers wrote his will ( 1812 ) because his brother Henry was put in charge of Issac's inheritance until he became of reason. Issac was never listed on any census or I have never found it.

There was another brother Robert who had two sons under 10 years old and one son under 5 in the 1830 census. I have a very solid and provable line from me all the way back to 1757 and a lot of information on the ten children of the older Robert Berry but also have some holes. With a few names that I cannot attach to a particular father. There were a lot of sons from these eight boys. My line was Robert--William--Thomas Person--John Robert--Wiley P--My Mother and me.


Sunday, March 19, 2000 6:40 PM

Marvin  I forgot to tell you that Riley is an Orange County family along with Holeman and Gates, Richard Holeman owned land that joined Robert Berry's land in 1860. Gates also owned land very close to the Berry land. I think there is a lot of evidence that I have that will help your search. Mary Berry Camp removed to Georgia sometime after 1782. I have documentation on her in Orange County that year. I first found her information on WFT Vol.5 pedigree #41. I have since found court records with her and her fathers names on them. She was also named in her fathers will as Mary Kemp. David Berry m Mary Blalock Feb 1797 and listed in 1800-1810-1820 Orange Coumty census. The Older  Robert died about 1814 and David moved to Fayette County Georgia and was in the Georgia census in 1830. Thomas Berry m Sarah Cate 11 Aug 1800 and may have moved to Tenn.  Check WFT Vol 12 pedigree 3620. William m Hannah Cate 12 Aug 1799 and his family stayed in Orange County. He is in my line. Joshua Berry, Young Robert Berry, and Henry Berry lived their entire lives in Orange County. John, Mary Kemp and Thomas were deceased by 1812 when Old Robert wrote his will. Elizabeth had a daughter Mary but I don't have any further info on her. Some of the family still owns some of the original Land Grant in Orange County I think.  If it is not part of the original grant property it is very close to where I think the original grant was. Henry got the Original Plantation and a lot of the family was living with him in 1820 census, If Issac was married at
that time he and his wife were probably listed in that census. his listing was: males 121111females 2011. I live in Raleigh and have spent a lot of time in the State archives. I also have been to Hillsborough several times at the Register of Deeds office where they have lots of old deeds.

I will let you digest this and see if generates some questions. I would like to have a copy of John Watt Berry's photo. My mother is 91 years old and is still living b herself . She had collected a lot of post 1900 stuff which is what got me started about 2 1/2 years ago searching this family. I have about 2000 names in my Berry Tree at this time and have some more that I could add. All of it is not proven but is pretty reliable I think. 


Orange County NC - MARRIAGES - Marriage Bonds A - C, Indexed by Groom

Groom Bride Date of Bond Bondsman only
Berry, David Mary Blealock 21 Feb. 1797 Henry Waggoner
Berry, Eli Judy Betsey Taylor 21 Dec. 1846 Henderson Taylor
Berry, Hanry Lucy Weaver 14 May 1835 James Shepard
Berry, James H. Emley McCullock 16 Jan. 1856 James H. Berry
Berry, John Elizabeth Vincent 6 Mar. 1827 Jesse Hargrave
Berry, John R. Bettie F. Bowling 28 Nov. 1865 James Allison
Berry, Joshua Nancy Ellison 28 Jan. 1792 Henry Terryl
Berry, Lewis Sally Tolar 13 Oct. 1828 H. Terry Maden
Berry,Thomas Elizabeth Carter 15 Apr. 1791 ? ?
Berry, Thomas Sarah Cate 11 Aug. 1800 John Cate
Berry, Thomas Mary Berry 7 Mar. 1809 Henry Berry
Berry, Thomas Person Sarah Lunsford 28 Sept. 1831 Henry Berry
Berry, William Hannah Cates 12 Aug. 1799 Thomas Berry
Berry, William Sally Bowles 20 Nov. 1826 Wm. Taylor
Berry, William H. sarah Francis King 28 july 1857 C.S. Dungan


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