A look at why William may have received his discharge papers on the 5th.

First the, final push to take San Antonio, after a 2 month siege,took place at about sunrise on the 5th. William may well have participated in the battle on the 5th and then was given a discharge for wounds or such. History records that two privates were wounded on the 5th.

Other reports put the Texan's loss at one killed and fifteen wounded. There were reports that Wm. was crippled later in life and used a cane. Possible he was wounded on the 5th.

Or , all participants of the Texas Volunteer Army may have been given their honorable discharge papers on the 5th. The fact that William was given his honorable discharge papers on the same date of the storming of the city of Bexar may have had more to do with the fact that they, the Texas Volunteer Army Commanders, were not sure the Volunteer Army would be successful in routing the Mexican Army and opted to issue documents to verify the presence of the soldiers in that manner, in the event the army was routed or should the soldiers commanders be killed themselves. His commanding officers may have been concerned they would not be able to provide discharge papers at a subsequent date or that it would not be convenient at a later time.

When the weather turned bad, the conditions in the camp became miserable. There was insufficient clothing; most of the men who had signed on for two months, had not even brought coats with them, and the food was not only poor but irregular. As to if the elements had taken their toll on William through that point, I can not say.

The facts are this . William was a member of the Bexar Guard under the command of Captain York between October 9th and the 5th of December 1835. He was given an honorable discharge and was noted for faithfully discharging his duties during that time.

Siege & Battle of Bexar from Samuel Maverick - See time line for Siege here

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