Moses Hasskew Sen: Will

In the name of God Amen

I, Moses Haskew, Sen_ of the County of Dallas and State of Alabama, now of sound and disposing mind but being mindful of my mortality do this in the years of our Lord One Thousand and Eight Hundred & Forty, make and publish this my last Will and Testament in the following manner that is to say first, I appoint my two Sons, William Haskew and Robert Haskew my executors to this my Will and Testament, and Second at any death I desire to be decently buried in a Christian like manner and Thirdly I desire that all my last debts and general expenses be paid, and Fourthly I give all my property both Real & Personal that I die, Leaved ( left) of to my Wife Polly Haskiew and my three daughters, (Viz) Susan Haskew, Sarah Haskew, and Eliza Haskew, and it is my wish that the property both real and Personal be kept together by my executors as the Common Joint Property of my wife Polly Haskeiw & my three daughters Susan, Sarah, & Eliza, in equal shares in common and at the death of my wife and it should be desired by my daughters above named and esfiedient(sp) by my Executor then (sp) for them to divide the property equally between my three daughters, Susan, Sarah, & Eliza for(?) their use & benefit. In Testimony Where of I have hence n to Set my Strand ( Trand or Prand) and affix a my Seal this 6th day of August AD 1840. Moses Hasskew (SEAL)

Signed sealed and acknowledged in the presence of us(?) Wm. W. Old, Davenport Graves, Henry Avent ---

The State of Alabama Dallas County personally approved in the open court Wm. W Olds & Henry Avent & two of the Subscribing Witness to the giving (or going oing ?) Will ?Athe bring gish? Duly sworn depese? and say they saw Moses Heskew the Testate sign seal and acknowledge said will and ?ger his last Will and Testament that these defendant? Subscribed their names as Witnesses thereto in the presence of Said Testor and in presence of each other in the day and year therein named & that said testor was of sound mind and dispensing (sp) memory at the time of Executing the Same?. Wm. W. Old, Henry Avenz ? ___ to & Subscribed before me in Open Court this 10 the November 1845 Sanford Blann Clks

? this day December 1845 Sanford Blann Clks

Susan Elizabeth Hesskew: Will

State of Alabama Dallas County in the year of our Lord One Thousand and Eight Hundred and forty Six.

I Susan Elizabeth Hesskew being in my proper mind and Answering the certainty of death and the uncertainty of the time in which it may happen Do hereby make this my last will and testament in the manner following ?iz After the payment of my funeral expenses and doctor’ bill and all other debts now outstanding against me, I give and bequeath a sufficiency of my little effects to the fixing of tombs over the graves of my father, mother and brother Robert Zacherus Hesskew also the parling? with the same cedar post and (pashing or parking ?) sesewing? The same to myself.

All the balance of property I now am possessed of, I give and bequeath my sister Sarah Heasskew to have and to hold as her own lawful property in ?parsen or by heirs or assigns ____ m___ I do hereby apposil? To this mu last will and testament.

D esecuter to manage and control after my demise all my concerns after the form? Of the above testament and according to law ___ ____ to God I commend my Soul? Or Seal to live and to as lonfy? forever? Amen


The State of Alabama Dallas County Personally appears before me Thomas G Rainer, clerk of the county C____ in our for the County afensaid? Samuel M. Barnes and William Apanssin who bring duly Sworn an oath deproseth? And saith that the forgoing page of this Sheet panporting? Tobo? The last will and testament of Susan Elizabeth Hesskew was made at her request and was Oven? To her by Stanton P Olas INT, it being about Eight O’clock at night, she stated that she would wait until morning when perhaps she would fell better and have a chance of reading it over herself and sign it., the above facts took place which was on the 4th day thereafter.

Sworn to & subscribed before me this

20th day of Oct 1840

ScMe Barnes

Thos A Rainier Clk WA Panson

Recorded 5th ___? 114h? Thos G Rainer CLK


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