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Collar Extenders for Sale
Saturday, 23 October 2010
"The Button" Waist Extender


 Ideal for Woman and Men

"The Button" Pants and Skirt Extender

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The Button Pant and Skirt Extender

Don't suffer! Add an inch to your waistband! Adds comfort to any button waist skirt, jeans or slacks. Excellent for shrunken or tight jeans.
to accommodate a few days per month?!!!
Transfers easily from one pair of skirt or pants to the next with NO SEWING

Posted by jack0204 at 11:21 AM CDT
EZ Waist Extenders

5 Easy Fit Extenders Buttons

Posted by jack0204 at 10:48 AM CDT
Updated: Saturday, 23 October 2010 10:58 AM CDT
Wednesday, 31 October 2007
Plastic Collar Extenders



30, 60 and 144

Collar Extender, Collar Expander, however you wish to refer to these marvelous little devices, they are an excellent way to resolve that problem of your shirt collar being too tight.

Wholesale Prices

Posted by jack0204 at 8:56 AM CDT
Updated: Saturday, 23 October 2010 11:02 AM CDT
Tuesday, 31 October 2006
Where Can I find some Collar Extenders
Mood:  incredulous
Topic: Collar Extender Search
Find Collar Extenders at

Wonder Button, Collar Expander Works great!

Sold in Department stores for as much as $5.00

but you can now purchase them for as little as 2.00 each when purchased in quantity.

Save Now



To Make Shirt Collars feel and fit better. Adds up to 1/2 Size

Posted by jack0204 at 6:39 PM CST
Updated: Saturday, 23 October 2010 11:09 AM CDT

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